5 Tips to Moving Across the Country

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Joanna Marie, Executive Chronicles | Thinking about moving across the country? Think hard then, moving is the task where you need a lot of planning, organizing, packing, driving and then unpacking. When you move, you need to consider a lot of things from the place you are moving out of and the place you are going to. One of the things you need to settle, probably better in advance, is your new delivery address. Your bills, mails, and other deliverables should reach your new address, not the old one. There are firms online which can assist you with this task. They can process your change of address requests faster than when you avail of the USPS mail forwarding service. It is actually good to know that there are companies you can check online that can make life easy for you when you move out. Read on for more tips which may help you when you decide to move across the country.

  1.  De-clutter

Moving is a wonderful opportunity to get rid of all your extra stuff. Things you have kept and never used for a year might as well go because you’ll probably not use them again. You can set-up a garage sale for things that you are willing to let go or have cluttered your space for a long time. Think of the extra cash you can get for your other moving expenses. Less clutter to pack means a smaller truck to rent meaning less gas needed.

  1.  Drive or hire

Both driving and hiring have their own benefits. Driving your stuff allows you to explore the roads to your new place at the same time appreciate the great view along the way. You can

also be sure that all your stuff is safe with you when you drive. Also, your stuff arrives with you, no more waiting as compared to having it delivered to your new place. Hiring a relocation company, on the other hand, can be quite expensive but can save you time. You only need to pack up and have your things delivered to your place and pay up. If you have your things transported, expect your belongings to arrive later than you do.

  1.  Time of year

When moving across the country, you must always consider the time of the year. The best time to move would be summer or fall, especially if you plan to just rent a truck and drive across

the country. Traveling will relatively be lighter and easier just like when you are on vacation and not like moving out. It will be harder to move during winter or spring due to the unpredictable weather. If it cannot be avoided, make sure to check the weather forecast and inform a friend or a relative that you will be traveling and keep in contact. Expect longer travel time during these seasons as there may be delays you may encounter along the way.

  1.  To-do list

Moving across the country can be overwhelming. The key to a smooth transfer is to make a to-do list for you to keep track of the important things you need to do. It is recommended to make a weekly to-do list as there are things you need to take care of when you are still in your old place such as finding new tenants or looking for a moving company. You may check out to-do lists on moving online to give you ideas on what are the essential things to consider when you relocate.

  1.  Timeline

Creating a timeline for moving cross-country is done side-by-side with your to-do list. If it is possible to create timeline six months in advance before your move, you may be able to tackle

each task with ample time. Selling your home or finding tenants for your apartment, for example, can take a while, so you need to plan ahead. Scheduling the tasks essential to your move accordingly can save you time and make your moving across the country stress-free.

Moving can be emotionally, financially, and physically exhausting. You can alter such outlook by being guided by the tips above and moving cross-country for you will be just a breeze.