5 Tips to Filling Out a Social Security Card Application Properly

Employee Theft social security card application

Before anything else, one has to know what a social security card is, how it can help the holder and how to obtain it. A social security card is a wallet-sized document with your name and your social security number on it, given out by the Social Security Administration. The basic purpose of acquiring a social security card is used to track your lifetime earnings and work history so that the government can check if you are eligible for retirement benefits or social security disability benefit. Social security card application is essential to those who live and work in the United States as it is necessary for identification purposes. That is the reason why it is vital that the social security card application form is filled out correctly and completely for faster processing. Read on for tips on how to fill out your security card application form correctly.

  1.  Provide documents to prove identity.

When filing for a social security card for the first time, you must provide at least two documents which show your age, identity, and US citizenship or current lawful, work-authorized immigration status. And if you are neither a US citizen or has no work authorization, you must prove that you have a legitimate purpose for requesting a social security card. Keep in mind that the necessary documents that you need to provide with your filled-out application form are all original copies. You need not worry if you want to keep copies because they will all be mailed

back to you along with your social security card. Note that first time applicants who are 12 years old and above must apply in person.

  1. Use specified black or blue ink only.

Make sure that you have a pen with blue or black ink with you for filling out the social security card application form. It has been specified to use only these two ink colors which are typically used to fill out formal application forms.

  1.  Providing race and ethnicity is voluntary.

Keep in mind that the part of the form asking for ethnicity is for informational and statistical purposes only. It is your choice to answer it or not. Approval of the application is not affected whether you answer this item or not.

  1.  Signing the application form.

Applicants who are aged 18 and above who are mentally and physically able to read and fill out the application form must sign the item asking for the signature of the application. For applicants that are 18 years of age, they may either sign themselves or ask a parent or a guardian to sign for them. If those who are above 18 years old and cannot sign on your behalf, a parent, legal guardian or a close relative may sign for you. If you are not able to sign your name, just put an X mark on the space where you should sign and ask two people to sign as witnesses in the space beside the mark.

  1. Write an address for mailing of card.

Indicate an address where your social security card can be sent by mail after 7 to 14 days after application.

Filling out a social security application form properly can be a daunting chore with so many things to consider. Fortunately, it can be done easily when you already know the information you need to accomplish it completely. Hopefully, the tips have been helpful to you in acquiring an important document such as the social security card.