5 Things You Rarely See In Successful People


By: Ana Margarita Olar | Executivechronicles.com

Every people interpret success on a personal level, but it always has something to do with accomplishing a task of having a meaningful purpose in what they are doing.

Success is a path full of obstacles, twists, and turns that’s why successful people develop a pattern of behaviors that makes them what they are.

They also avoid certain behaviors that hinder their achievement. Here are some traits you rarely see in successful people:

  1. FEAR

Successful people never let fear get in their way. Of course, they still fear because they are still human but they think with their brains and not with their emotions. Their fear doesn’t interfere with their ability to think or decide properly. When they are faced with fearful situations, they don’t react…. They think.


Normally, any person would want to avoid struggles and hardships as much as possible. It is very hard to go out of our comfort zone. But successful people have a different thinking when it comes to challenges and hardships.

They face challenges with enthusiasm to achieve what they want personally or for their family and loved ones.

Successful People


Most people are afraid to try things that they haven’t done before because they worry about committing mistakes. But successful persons never regard their mistakes as failures.

They always venture into something different and the lesson that they learned from each venture are considered as part of their success.

They also have another secret: they make a lot of mistakes that’s why they learn more, do more, and achieve more. And another thing: they also learn from other’s mistakes.


Successful people choose their peers wisely. Whenever they can, they try to avoid negative people. They never join in mindless chats because they focus on their goals.

If negative people are hard to avoid (their boss, spouse, or co-workers) they wear and invisible emotional helmet. They never let negative words affect their performance and decision-making skills.


Successful people are happy to share their knowledge with others. They are not afraid when others are more successful than them.

They don’t take advantage of other persons and they don’t try to achieve things at the expense of other persons.

You cannot gauge your own success with another person gauge. You must have your own definition of success.

Never use other peoples’ achievements to measure your own success and never compare yourself with other people. To be really successful be unique, be inspired and be willing to share.