5 Things You Need Before You Move to a Different Country

5 Things You Need Before You Move to a Different Country

Executive Chronicles | 5 Things You Need Before You Move to a Different Country | Becoming an ex-pat is so exciting, and not something most people have the courage to do. Congrats! But nothing will kill the buzz of setting off on your new adventure like no preparation.

When you make the big decision to move to a different country, there are still more decisions to make. How will you move out of your current housing situation? Where will your stuff go? But most importantly, what do you need to bring with you?

Before you jet-set and move abroad, make sure you have these essentials to make sure you have a smooth move.

  1. Health Insurance

You didn’t think illness and injury went away just because you’re out of the country… right? And what about regular preventative healthcare visits? To ensure you’re covered, make sure to research the healthcare situation in whatever country you’re moving to.

It’s important to note that even if you’re moving to a country with free, universal healthcare as a perk, it doesn’t mean you’re eligible. So if you’re unable to qualify for group coverage in your country of choice, consider purchasing a private insurance policy.

Have a pre-existing condition and know you’ll need regular healthcare? You’ll then want to know the countries with the best healthcare for ex-pats.

  1. Important Documents

The two most important documents you’ll need to move abroad are a visa and your passport. You’ll have to research visas for the country you’re moving to and apply for one for the amount of time you plan to stay. 

Additionally, you’ll need to keep your birth certificate and social security card with you (for Americans.) These documents verify your identity. They’re especially essential if you plan to either apply for citizenship in your new country or return to the United States.

  1. Money

Money makes the world go round, and you sure won’t be able to go around the world without it! Make sure to save and budget before you move overseas so you have a cushion to fall back on for all expenses, even the unexpected.

Now you’ll need to be able to transfer that money abroad! But taking out bulks of cash or hassling over wire transfer paperwork can be cumbersome. 

  1. Travel Insurance

If you don’t plan to stay permanently in the country you’re moving to, you’re still going to need insurance coverage. Travel insurance is there to cover you, your items, and your trips. If you get sick or your luggage gets lost in transit, travel insurance will cover it. It’ll also cover any airline cancellations or delays that occur.

  1. Travel Debit/Credit Card

So once you have your money for your trip, you’ll want to be able to use it. But your usual cards or bank accounts may incur fees abroad that add up over time. With a travel debit/credit card, you can avoid these fees and even earn rewards for your travel spending. 

If you plan to plant roots in your new country, then you’ll want to research options for opening up a local bank account. Certain countries will only allow you to pay for certain expenses using a local bank account/local currency.

Don’t Move to a Different Country Without These Essentials!

Making the move to a different country can be scary. But with these five essential items, you’re prepared for anything your new adventure may throw at you.

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