5 Things to Update Before You List Your Home

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Joan Hendricks, Executive Chronicles |

Your home is your biggest investment unless you have a couple of millions in the bank or in shares and options. Like any normal person you would like to see a return on the investment when you want to sell your property. If the time to take a new path in your life comes and you decide to relocate, selling your home can be a challenging task. However, there are ways to increase your home’s value. There are always things around the home that need to be replaced, repaired or updated to attract interest of would-be byers.

It’s important to create an interior where people feel comfortable and envision themselves living happily for many years. Give potential buyers what they want and they would be flocking in front of your door with increased offers to buy your house each time. Here are a few things to update which might help you get better price for your place.


Flooring is huge potential factor would-be buyers consider. In the last couple of years hardwood floors have been predominant in homes. Even though they can be a costly option there is a number of ways to update what you have. On the other hand, if you enjoy a soft carpet in our home, consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning business to do the job. While they are cleaning the carpet, you can negotiate a discount to clean your upholstery, too.

Update Kitchen

Many professionals working in the property industry rank a house kitchen as the focal point which makes the greatest impression on home buyers. They desire a clean and updated place which is efficient, comfortable and roomy. Start with giving a deep clean to all appliances, cabinetry, baseboards and floor. Don’t forget about windows and curtains if you have it in the kitchen. Continue with fixing loose hinges and handles. If you want to go the extra mile, consider painting cabinet doors.

Update Bathroom

Your next stop is the bathroom. When you visit a friend, you may not go to the other rooms but most certainly you would use the bathroom at least once. Your bathroom is the second most important place to spruce up a bit if you want to get a better deal for your home. Again it’s a good idea to start with a deep clean, including ceiling, air ducts, toilet bowl, sink, bathtub, etc. Then you can add some extras to make the place appealing to the eye. But whatever you do, please don’t put live plants. It looks so unnatural!


Maybe I should have put this as number one tip, but you are still reading the post take a note. De-cluttering your home will leave a lot of space for potential buyers to move around the house and manage to have a better look at what they will buy. What’s more they will be able to appreciate the advantages of owning it. Collect all personal stuff like toys, books, photos and memorabilia. Remove clothes from closets, pack up everything in boxes and remove them from the house. It’s best to put them in storage but your garage may be a suitable place as well.

Give Your Front a Makeover

When you are ready with fixing and cleaning things inside, you can devote a weekend or two to add curb appeal to the house. The reason being that not many people would want to enter a shabby looking property even though it’s shining on the inside. They won’t be able to appreciate your efforts and your house’s advantages. Begin with clearing the garden of toys or pet bones, old items piled in the back. Then rake old leaves and mow the lawn. Prune trees and shape the hedge. Hire a pressure washer to clean the front from dirt and dust. Next you can repaint front door, railings and even the porch. Don’t forget that a few baskets of blooming flowers and other greenery can make your home look like never before.