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Luxury Watches

How many times have we heard that diamonds are a girl’s best friends? Maybe, a million! But what about men, don’t they deserve to be pampered like women. Of course, they do and luxury watches make their best friends. Buying luxury watches sounds easier than it actually is because there are several high-fashion brands that offer the most amazing styles for men’s wrists. Besides the choice in brands, you have a variety in styles, technologies, models, and features that you can pick from. But the choice itself makes watch shopping challenging. Moreover, you need to know your watches well enough before you buy them because luxury brands can cost a considerable sum. Let us share a checklist to consider before you buy one for your collection.

  1. Start by knowing your brand

First things first, the brand is something that matters the most to a luxury watch buyer. Start by knowing all the popular names such as Rolex, Patek Phillipe, Tudor, Cartier, and the likes. If money is no concern for you, the options you have are absolutely endless and each one is better than the other. On the other hand, you can check the entry level brands if you are exploring this domain for the first time and are not willing to shell out a huge amount at this stage. Perhaps, you can opt for high-end luxury watch brands once you are more comfortable with the concept of spending massive sums on watches. A good brand is a long-term investment and probably a legacy for the generations to come. So you should not cringe at the price once you identify a brand that defines your style and attitude. Go ahead and pick the best it has to offer, without thinking twice about the price.

  1. Check out the functions

While flaunting a high-end brand could be one factor to motivate your purchase decision, you should be equally keen to have one that has all the functions that a watch needs to have. Look for the basic functions such as time-telling, date, alarm and stopwatch. The additional applications and functions, also known as complications, such as moon phases, calendar, time zones, chronographs and audible complications make the watch a valuable asset. A piece that has numerous innovative complications is likely to be more expensive as compared to one that comes only with the basic functions. Spending a little more should not be a concern if you wish to be a proud owner of a watch with some incredible functions.

  1. Look for a watch that replicates your style

The next important tip for shopping luxury watches for men is to pick one that replicates your style and makes a statement for you. For instance, if you are classy gentlemen, pick a sleek piece that has a sophisticated appeal. On the other hand, adventure lovers should opt for ones that are sturdy yet stylish. Hip Hop styles are the best choice for men who love to follow the latest trends. If you already own a luxury collection, zero in on a piece that adds variety to it, while you may buy something special that matches your clothes and accessories for an occasion like your wedding or anniversary. Another style parameter that you need to consider is the watch strap. Formal watches have metallic straps and you should match the gold, silver or bronze metallic with other accessories you carry while wearing the watch. Leather straps, on the other hand, are well-suited for casual watches. Classic styles and neutral colors have longevity as far as their timeless value is concerned. So if you plan to wear a watch for the years to come and probably pass it over as an inheritance, buy a style that is classic and timeless.

  1. Choose between digital or analog

The choice between digital and analog is completely based on your preference. A digital watch, as the name suggests, displays time numbers on an LED display. Conversely, an analog watch consists of a dial with hour and minutes (sometimes seconds) hands that point towards the numbers or markers etched on the dial. If you are planning to buy a sporty or casual watch, then digital would be the right option. Analog dials are more suitable for watches that are to be worn professionally or on formal occasions. If you own either of these in your collection, opt for the other one so that you have a versatile set of watches that you can wear on different occasions.

  1. Know the movement type

Now that you know all about the external components of watches, you should gather some information about how they actually work. The movement refers to the inner working of the watch, which is mainly concerned with its timekeeping mechanism. The mechanism is responsible for the measurement of the passage of time as well as display of the current time on the watch dial. It also presents the supplementary information such as the date, day and month. Watch movement can be mechanical, electrical or a combination of both. Mechanical watches are powered by hand-winding and are now an outdated technology. Modern watches use the electrical technology, which relies on a tiny quartz crystal along with a tiny battery to run the watch. If you want to buy one of the classic pieces, you can pick a mechanical watch at an auction. Shop the latest electrical model if you are more of a tech-savvy guy.

This watch shopping guide is a comprehensive one as it covers complete facts and information about luxury watches. A smart tip for those looking to add a premium piece to their collection is to explore online websites such as frost nyc. Such websites not only showcase an exquisite variety in luxury watches for diverse tastes and budgets. You can even come across some fabulous deals on these watches as these online sellers have some great ones to offer on several occasions. Cherish your watch like a lifelong asset that you can bequeath as a legacy for the generations to come.

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