5 Success Lessons they didn’t teach in Business School


By Ana Margarita Olar | Executivechronicles.com

Success has different meanings depending on the personal understanding or preference of an individual. And one very important institution that influences our idea of success is the school where most people get their education. But, unfortunately, there are success lessons that are never taught in school and here are some of them:don't teach business-school-1

  1. Do not be afraid to fail. Although there are techniques, ways, tips, or an entire book about not committing business mistakes and avoiding failures. These things really do happen. In school, the only measurement of success is not failing. There is an unfair stigma about failing that students tend to do even deceptive means just not to fail. They engage into cheating, copying, and any other means which hinder their personal growth. On the contrary, experiencing failure gives entrepreneurs the chance for growth. The more they fail, the more they learn and the more chance they have for success.
  1. Have self-compassion. In school, students tend to punish themselves by striving to be always the best, and jeopardizing the situation by being afraid to fail. In business, you must learn to forgive yourself and move on after a failure. You need not punish yourself and go over the failure over and over again. In order to have a chance at success, one must be able to first forgive himself, pick up the lessons that you must learn at your failure, and move on.
  1. Always ask worthwhile questions. In school or even at work, many people experience paralysis when it comes to asking questions. But in business or any other aspect of life, one must learn to speak up when you don’t understand a particular detail. To have success in business, being enthusiastic in asking questions and enhancing your learning is very essential.
  1. Take action even when in doubt. Everybody has fear, everybody has doubts. In school, every project or activity is planned to minimize the chance of failure. In business, even the most carefully planned projects face the risk of being a failure at some point. But the important thing is, focus on what needs to be done, learn to prioritize, do everything you can but also learn to delegate. Once you are busy with actions aimed at your success, the lesser time you have worried about failure.
  1. Vision your future self, enjoy the journey. One of the best ways to arrive at success in life is to have a clear definition of success and being able to vision it. What is a success for you? Is it being a boss of your own business? Is it a promotion? Is it being able to spread the franchise of your business? Then claim it. Picture yourself as already in that position. But, as a reminder, don’t be too obsessed with what you’re going to be in the future. You’ve got to enjoy the journey of failure, mistakes, new people that you meet in order to arrive at your future success.