5 Simple Ways to Make Your Company Fleet Much More Efficient

Simple Ways to Make Your Company Efficient
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ExecutiveChronicles.com | 5 Simple Ways to Make Your Company Fleet Much More Efficient | If we take a look back at the last couple of years, we will see they were very rough and competitive. With the COVID-19 outbreak still raging around the globe, we can only assume that the period ahead won’t be any better. With things as they are, the future will be reserved only for the companies that can cut the operational costs and improve their overall nimbleness.

Both these things, to a large extent, depend on the state of your company’s fleet. So, let’s see what we can do to make it run as smoothly as possible.

Choose the adequate ownership type

Most business owners are not aware of this, but the ownership of the business fleet can be managed based on a lot of different models:

  • Full car ownership – Company assigns every employee with a specific vehicle
  • Pool cars – All business vehicle hire should be available to all employees. The drawback is that they need to be returned to the company lot.
  • Gray fleet – The cars owned by employees are used for business. Highly practical, but servicing and monitoring can become messy.
  • Leasing – Very streamlined and practically maintenance-free. However, your fleet is tied by contracts.

Depending on the type of your business and your current necessities, switching to a more suitable ownership model can cut your costs and make your fleet leaner.

Enforce strict safe driving policies

Reckless driving ramps up the fuel costs and wears down vehicles way ahead of time. All these things can put quite heavy pressure on your company’s budget in the long run. So, do your best to compile the guideline for safe and economical driving and enforce the rules throughout the company. Once you are finished, upgrade the vehicles with performance monitor software and see that the drivers are playing by the book. If you have a problem compiling the rules, you can always ask a professional instructor for help.

Use the benefits of GPS and automation

Machines are far more efficient than humans when it comes to quick calculations and leveraging huge chunks of data for finding the optimal routes. So, it is advisable to put these tasks under the care of AI and send real-time data directly to your drivers. On the other hand, keeping one eye on some hard to access monitor can prove to be very distracting while driving. Fortunately, Aerpro magnetic smartphone holders and similar products are unobtrusive enough, so you should be able to easily solve this problem.

Take care of the maintenance

Another important thing you should take into consideration is that the vehicles that are not properly maintained run at lower efficiency and produce greater costs. Therefore, all the money you invest in timely maintenance produces sustainable savings as time goes by. That is why you should put extra effort into keeping the vehicles in pristine condition. Making a long-term agreement with some reliable car repair shop or trading goods for maintenance should keep the servicing costs firmly under control.

Measure the results and use the feedback

Last but not least, all of the things we have mentioned above will amount to very little if you don’t set up precise monitoring systems that should allow you to easily measure the achieved results, assess them and, if necessary, make further adjustments. Of course, let us not forget the valuable feedback you can get from your drivers with years of on-road experience, whose valuable opinion should, by all means, be heard during every important decision-making process.

These few considerations are far from the complete story, but they should give you some idea about the ways you can use to make your company’s fleet leaner, faster, and more economical. We are entering some rough times, and every asset we can use to edge out the completion should be used to the fullest extent. Managing the vehicle fleet seems like a good place to start.