5 Simple Stress Relief Strategies

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ExecutiveChronicles.com | 5 Simple Stress Relief Strategies | How often do you feel stressed? In 2021, American’s are feeling more stressed than ever, and it’s time to learn how to relax and break the cycle. 

The 21st-century lifestyle pretty much invites stress into our lives, and we wear being ‘busy’ as a sad badge of honor. With added pressures of pandemics and other various world issues, it’s no wonder we need some stress relief. 

So, if you’re looking for ways to turn down the tension and glide through life – it’s time to address your stress. With a few small changes to your lifestyle, you could see some significant improvements in your life. 

Read on for a quick guide to stress management. 

  1. Start Each Day the Right Way

A long-term solution to relieve stress is to make sure each day starts the right way. If you’re one of those people prone to throwing your phone across the room when your alarm wakes you, it’s time to calm down. 

Make sure your bedroom is set up to be a peaceful place, you get to bed on time, and set your alarm five minutes earlier, so you don’t have to rush out of bed. 

  1. Identify Sources of Stress in Your Life

We all have sources of stress that we just can’t get rid of. But think of each thing that causes you to stress on a day-to-day basis. 

Once you’ve written a list, go through them one by one and see whether you think there’s anything you can do to minimize this. For example, if remembering to pay your rent is a source of stress, can you set up a standing order instead? 

  1. Practice Mindfulness Daily

If you’re looking to reduce anxiety, mindfulness or meditation is a great habit to get into. You can do it for as little or much as you like each day, and it’ll help ground you in times of tension.

Remember, the word practice is there for a reason – it doesn’t come easily to everyone but give it a go, and you’ll start to find it easier with time. 

  1. Get Some Fresh Air

If you’re cooped up all day inside, don’t forget to get fresh air to help reduce stress. If you work in an office, go for a walk at lunch. If your workplace is flexible, suggest a ‘walk and talk’ meeting. 

If you’re feeling stressed and busy – like you don’t have time to go outside, just set a 5-minute timer on your phone and see how far you can get in 5 minutes. Then turn back, and you’re back in 10 minutes total! 

  1. Relax With Candles and Essential Oils

We all know one of the best stress relief aides is a long hot bath with candles and essential oils. Make some time for yourself, stick a do not disturb sign on your bathroom door, and bliss out. 

If you’re not familiar with essential oils, you’re missing out: you can refer to an essential oils reference book to help you choose the best oils to reduce stress. 

Get Stress Relief With These 5 Simple Tips

That’s the quick guide to stress relief in the 21st century. We all seem to need it, but we struggle to prioritize it. So, it’s time to add de-stress to your to-do list and put it right at the top! 

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