5 Signs Your Mattress Has Failed to Satisfy You & Needs to Be Replaced

Mattress has Failed
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ExecutiveChronicles.com | 5 Signs Your Mattress Has Failed to Satisfy You & Needs to Be Replaced | Most people take the warranty of a mattress seriously and think it is the guideline for how long it should last. However, these are several other factors that can affect your mattress lifespan. There is no rule book that companies can provide you with regarding how long a mattress can last. But you should know that the elements of comfort in a bed don’t last as long as a mattress manufacturer promises. 

Some of the top-selling brands in Australia that you can trust, like Sealy, have a reputation because they have managed to build trust in their customers. So, below is a detailed list of signs you should probably pay attention to as they indicate that it’s time to get a mattress replacement. 

  • You Don’t Feel Fresh and Relaxed When You Wake Up

Most of you would expect to feel energetic and refreshed after six to eight hours of a night’s sleep. But when you wake up without any such feeling, you should think about whether you have been changing many positions while sleeping. So, if you don’t suffer from any sleeping disorders, this is a sign that your mattress is causing you discomfort, affecting your sleep. 

  • Is Your Mattress More Than Eight Years Old? 

When was the last time you purchased a mattress? Did you fall into a trap by a company that committed that the mattress has a 20 years warranty? Well, any mattress will come with a warranty, but that depends on other elements regarding the mattress. 

According to experts, a mattress has a lifespan of seven to ten years at max and should be replaced in due course. So, if you have been using the same mattress for over ten years, you will surely experience discomfort.

  • You Experience Backache Very Often 

With age, mattresses lose their ability to give you proper comfort. So, when you wake up with a backache or if you feel tired every day, then these are signs that you need a mattress replacement. The mattress should have some firmness; otherwise, it will create permanent health problems in your back. And especially if you are a fluffy person, you will frequently experience such issues. 

  • Can You Notice Sagging on Your Mattress?

When the springs of your mattress are gradually dying, you will notice that your body leaves an impression on the mattress. You will see sagging on your mattress and, because of this, you will experience muscle pain and joint pain. There is an immediate need to replace your mattress if you are dealing with such a condition. 

  • Are You Suffering From Dust Allergies?

Over time, the mattresses will soak in the dust. Even when you clean them once in a while, there are chances that the dust has not been cleaned off entirely. So, if you wake up with an allergy in the morning or frequently get affected by a cold, you should probably take it as a sign to change your mattress. 

These are just a few signs of how a mattress has lost the true touch it had initially. So, if you wish to replace your mattress after noticing such signs, you should check out mattresses of trusted brands like Sealy. You can find them at a lower price on websites that sell them in bulk or keep ready stock. 

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