5 Signs You May Have Hearing Loss

5 Signs You May Have Hearing Loss

ExecutiveChronicles.com | 5 Signs You May Have Hearing Loss | Hearing loss is more common than you may think. CDC says that nearly 20 percent of people in their 20s already have some form of hearing loss.

Do you wonder if you are suffering from hearing loss? There are signs to watch out for.

Keep reading to learn if you may have some of these signs of hearing loss so you can get the hearing loss treatment you need.

  1. It’s Hard to Hear People on the Phone

Do you find yourself increasing the volume setting on your cell phone or landline? If you are having problems having a conversation on the phone, you may have hearing loss.

The phone can be tricky because usually you hear sound in both ears, but when you talk on the phone, you only get the sound in one. This can be really difficult if you hold it up to the ear with some hearing loss. Phones also do not transmit speech sounds which also makes it harder to hear.

  1. Some Sounds Seem Louder

Do you easily get startled by louder noises? This is something called recruitment that is a common symptom of people with hearing loss. This happens because you don’t lose the hair cells in your ear at the same time, so when sounds are louder, it jolts the healthy cells to respond more prominently than they normally would. The sounds can be jarring or even distorted when this happens.

  1. You Have Trouble Having a Conversation in a Crowded Room

Background noise can be tricky for everyone, but if you have hearing loss, it makes it more difficult to focus when there are competing noises around. Take notice when you are in a restaurant, and see if you have problems masking out the background noise and hearing someone when they talk. If this happens to you, you may want to get a hearing evaluation at this location.

  1. Family Complains Your TV Is Too Loud

You may not even know that you have turned the volume up high on your tv remote. But, if your family starts complaining that your TV is loud, this could be a sign of hearing loss.

  1. You Have Trouble Hearing Women and Children

It is common to have a specific range of hearing loss. You are also more likely to experience hearing loss in the higher frequencies, and since women and children tend to speak with higher frequencies and pitches, you may find it is more difficult to hear them.

If you can hear a male friend with a deep voice but not a female friend with a higher voice, this shows you may have some hearing loss at a certain frequency.

Get Help for Hearing Loss Today

Do you have any of these hearing loss signs? If so, you should talk to your doctor about hearing loss solutions. You don’t want to miss out on important moments in life, and today’s hearing aids are much more discrete than they used to be.

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