5 Serious Ways Alcohol Abuse Affects Your Body

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ExecutiveChronicles.com | 5 Serious Ways Alcohol Abuse Affects Your Body | That alcohol overuse is bad for the body is a well-known fact; however, for those struggling with alcohol addiction, it can be hard to give up on this menace despite knowing its tremendous harmful effects on vital organs.

Perhaps the single truth to remember when you’re trying to give up alcohol is that it takes years off your life and could lead you to a lifetime of immobility, illness and dependence on others if you don’t take action now. You can help people dealing with alcohol abuse, intensive outpatient programs are available.

Here are five chronic diseases caused by over drinking that could cut short your life by several years.

Liver disease

Probably the first organ to bear the brunt of alcohol abuse is the liver. Having to process excessive alcohol on a daily basis impairs the liver and its functioning, gradually leading to the development of alcoholic liver disease, which is an umbrella term for the numerous ways alcohol overuse impacts your liver. Fatty liver disease, hepatitis, and liver cirrhosis are some of the serious ailments resulting from alcohol addiction.

Heart disease

Alcohol is particularly harsh on the heart, and continued overconsumption could lead to permanent damage to heart muscles. Known as alcoholic cardiomyopathy, this disease could lead to heart failure and untimely death, as weakened heart muscles cannot function effectively.

Additionally, drinking excessively impacts your blood pressure and heartbeat, leading to a higher risk of clot formation and stroke.

Gastrointestinal inflammation

Alcohol abuse damages the digestive organs, as they are the ones that have to process it out of the body. Alcoholic gastritis, or inflammation in the stomach lining, is caused by continuous overexposure to alcohol.

As the mucous lining of the stomach gets damaged, it can no longer protect the stomach against acids and spicy foods. This leads to gastric problems, poor digestion, stomach ulcers and infections, and may even lead to internal bleeding.

Brain damage

Heavy drinkers are at an increased risk of damage to the brain, which manifests in the form of slurring, poor vision, memory problems, and decline in fine motor skills and cognitive function.

Alcohol affects various parts of the brain, and the body functions that get affected the most are sometimes impaired beyond repair. Aside from affecting the five senses, alcohol addiction also impacts mood and behavior by damaging the neurotransmitters and the central nervous system.

No one wants to live a life dictated by addiction. If you want to lead a healthy and happy life free of alcohol and substance abuse, enroll with a trusted rehab facility that offers alcohol and drug recovery for all situations.


Alcohol has been categorized as a Group 1 carcinogen (cancer-causing substance). Those who drink excessive alcohol are at a much higher risk of developing certain cancers compared to people who drink occasionally.

Alcohol abuse is definitely no joking matter. One thing we failed to mention above is the importance of getting the proper treatment for your addiction. Prescott, AZ detox is a great way to start your alcohol-free journey through life. It will help get rid of all of the toxins you have built up in your body and keep the cravings for alcohol at a bare minimum.

While most people are aware that alcohol abuse can lead to cancers of the liver, stomach, voice box, mouth, throat, and esophagus, many do not know that it has been linked to other types of cancers as well, such as breast cancer, lung cancer and colon cancer. If you or a loved in suffering from addiction seek help. A reliable drug rehab center might be the difference between life and death.