5 SEO Trends to Follow in 2021 to Grow Your Leads

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ExecutiveChronicles.com5 SEO Trends to Follow in 2021 to Grow Your Leads |The COVID-19-induced movement restrictions and lockdowns have propelled consumers for online shopping. And experts predict it to be permanent even after when the pandemic is over. In Sydney, e-commerce has seen a 138% increase in far-flung suburban areas like Riverstone. In Schofields, there’s a 135% increase. To capitalize on this trend, you need to get in front of the right customers at the right time. And for this you need to improve on your search rankings.

While SEO is a great marketing channel for this, you need to keep up with the trends, given the ever-changing nature. Irrespective of whether you’re opting to outsource SEO Sydney services, Australia or do it in-house, you need to follow the trends in the local and global market for the year 2021 in order to achieve better business. Here are five of them:

  • Featured Snippet is Set to Grow and Improve

Google no longer sees itself as a mere search engine but as a reliable personal assistant. Therefore, you see more and more direct answers in the form of a featured snippet. Top Rank SEO Philippines is a company that has done this for its clients in the Philippines, using what they refer to as the fusion of art and science in SEO.

In 2021 and beyond, it’s going to increase, and Google will get better at providing direct results for vague searches like “best Chinese restaurant in Milsons point”. If you end up getting featured on the top, which is called Position Zero, then you’ll gain authority, trust, and traffic all at the same time.

  • Voice Search will Take Over

More than 146.9 million smart speakers were sold in 2019 alone, a jump by 70%. And the primary purpose of these speakers is to enable users to interact with voice commands rather than text input. 

Even the search engines like Google and Bing are taking note to make their respective engines voice search-friendly. Therefore, you must optimize your web pages based on the keywords users are likely to spell, not type. According to ComScore, 50% of all the searches in 2020 were expected to be voice searches.

  • Predictive Search Will Improve Drastically

Google launched a project back in 2017 called “Google Discover”. The aim was simple: to eliminate user queries. It was designed to recommend content much like Facebook, and YouTube does, which is based on user behaviour.

Google revealed that the project has already garnered 800 million active users. With a humongous amount of behavioural data and AI, the recommendations are going to get better. You should explore this feature in 2021 and should not be restricted to search exclusively.

  • Local Search Listing will be a Key Ranking Factor

More and more people are looking for goods and services in their neighbourhood. From the SEO perspective, they’re performing a local search. Previously, Google used to refer to sites like Yelp, Yellow Pages. But now, it is starting to index its database to serve the results. 

To get an index on its database, you must list your business on Google My Business by providing an accurate name, phone number, and address. To anyone who searches within your vicinity, Google will show up the information.

  • Page Experience

Google will be making a major algorithm update in May of 2021, and that is the Page Experience Update. This will add another label to the search result page, and that is a Page Experience visual indicator. Google will consider page load speed, mobile-friendliness, bounce rate, HTTPS, intrusive pop-ups, or ads, among others. Every SEO service is bracing for this update in 2021.

As SEO is continuously evolving, you must keep up with the updates to maintain higher rankings. That’s where SEO service providers can become integral to your business. It’s always better to opt for one of the SEO services in Sydney, Australia, as they know well about the local market as well as the global.