5 Reasons Why Moments of Solitude Can Make You a Better Leader


By Ana Margarita Olar| Executivechronicles.com

Do you feel like you need time to be alone? It’s a great time for you to have one.

Here are the reasons why moments of solitude can make you a better leader:

Time to unwind

Daily life pressure can make you feel drain and empty. It can produce burnout and depression too. Scheduling some time to be quiet and alone can help your mind breathe and relax.

Relaxation is not wasting time. It is also one form of productivity. It increases your creative juices and helps you think outside the box. A leader who can think creatively is more effective and productive too.

solitude-leader (1)

Increase your focus and concentration

Removing interruptions and unwanted distractions can help you focus on the essential tasks. Spending time alone can help you re-think your priorities. Leading people requires concentration on reaching your goals. Solitude can help you tap the core things that create a domino effect in reaching success.

Re-create better goals

Leading is not only creating more money for the company. It aims to make your people better. Spending time alone can give you more space to reflect and dream. Therefore, it can help you craft better goals for yourself and for the people you are leading.

It helps you evaluate performance and see new goals from there.

Effectively solve problems

The solution is almost always obvious. However, stress can blind you from these solutions. The only way to deal with it is to spend quiet time alone. Your leadership trainings and experiences have equipped you with enough tools to solve company conflicts and challenges. Silent time can help you tap these inner resources and make you a better leader.

Create more meaningful relationship

Life is about creating relationships. More often than not, a smooth relationship in the office or at home can save your sanity. It can help you focus on the real problem rather than being diverted solving company management conflicts. You can start with yourself. Discovering your inner issues by spending time alone can remove 70% of conflicts that can arise if you always operate with stress.

Becoming a better leader can come from minutes of solitude than you can give yourself regularly. Make it a priority.