5 Reasons Why Lean Six Sigma Training Is Important

5 Reasons Why Lean Six Sigma Training Is Important Successful Company Meeting - Executive Chronicles

5 Reasons Why Lean Six Sigma Training Is Important | Lean six sigma training continues to power the way businesses look at manufacturing and operational efficiency in general. The model, developed by Motorola as a means of competing with a similar one in Japan, took off in the 1980s thanks to its emphasis on waste reduction and streamlining processes.

In the following article, we look at five reasons it’s still relevant. Let’s begin!

  1. It Teaches You to Look for Operational Problems

One thing you’ll discover when using lean six sigma tools like Kanban, Tallyfy, and the Pareto Chart is that your organization likely has operational problems or at least things that can be improved upon. Tallyfy is a means of discovering areas where you can automate processes between your people and your clients.

The Pareto Chart helps you discover the 20 percent of input that’s getting you 80 percent of results (named for the Pareto Principle). Kanban (meaning “billboard” in Japanese) helps you stock inventory and resources as needed instead of in bulk.

Using these tools turns you onto inefficiencies in your current processes. It also demonstrates areas of waste, which can lead to cost savings. 

  1. Shows You Can Measure the Impact of a Problem

The lean six sigma principles that you will learn as you start your education teach you to measure the impact of a problem. That is, you don’t simply identify the problem (as in No. 1). You see exactly what it’s costing your organization. 

  1. Helps You Analyze for Cause

Moving through the lean six sigma belts system helps you find the key source of your waste and inefficiencies. This analysis is essential because it goes beyond stopping the proverbial bleeding. It helps you remove the ailment altogether, whether that means a change in personnel, responsibilities, or both. 

  1. Paves the Way for Improvements

One recurring answer you’ll see when searching things like “what is lean six sigma,” is that it’s a system for improvements to your organization. That’s true albeit generic. A way to say it is likely to resonate more is that in the problem you see the solution. 

If you’re defining problems, measuring how much it’s affecting you, and analyzing for cause, then the solutions will start to present themselves. Essentially, lean six sigma paves the way for improvements and gives you solutions that you can test. 

  1. And Helps You Control Processes Moving Forward

Completing your training in each part of the lean six sigma training will prepare you for new levels of efficiency and success. You can get started with the “belts” system through highly regarded courses like the ones at www.theleansixsigmacompany.us.

These will help you take what you learn about your organization and chart new processes that are replicable and teachable. Not only will this give your organization the keys to future success but your employees also.

Lean Six Sigma Training Streamlines Your Business and Reduces Errors

Lean six sigma training is a philosophy and curriculum that any organization serious about growth should employ. That’s because it slashes waste, improves productivity, and empowers your people.

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