5 Reasons to Love a Bourbon Steakhouse

5 Reasons to Love a Bourbon Steakhouse

5 Reasons to Love a Bourbon SteakhouseEveryone loves a good steakhouse, and everyone loves a good glass of bourbon, so it should go without saying that a great bourbon steakhouse is one of life’s great pleasures. Of course, that might not be enough reason for you to throw on your best dressy-casual outfit and head on down to the nearest one, so here are five of our top reasons why your local bourbon steakhouse is worthy of your love:

  1. There’s Bourbon … And More

Make no mistake, creating a good bourbon is both an art and a science. Southern distillers spend years perfecting their craft, and in fact, some of those distilleries have been around for hundreds of years, passing their proprietary knowledge down through the generations. Decade after decade is spent carefully refining their recipes and then crafting them just so, just to get that bourbon to your glass. Knowing how much artfulness and human knowledge is distilled into every drop of your favorite bourbon, don’t you want to enjoy it the right way?

A good bourbon steakhouse takes its bourbon very seriously. This isn’t a bar, where your drink is shoved over the counter in a shot glass and forgotten about. You’re trying to savor the experience, and that means every second of it, from the moment your drink is served. The right glass is an integral part of this since it helps to open up all the delightful aromas in your bourbon. The right temperature is key as well. Some drinks do well chilled, while others will lose their delicate tasting notes if they’re kept too cold. Like we said, this is a science.

Of course, no one is saying you have to limit yourself to just bourbon. While a good bourbon steakhouse has an extensive menu of fine bourbons and other whiskeys, a great one also has unique and delicious cocktails for you to try, not to mention a variety of wines, craft beers, and non-alcoholic options as well.

  1. They Know Steak

Bourbon isn’t the only art form you’ll encounter at your favorite bourbon steakhouse. Getting a steak just right requires a chef with a deft hand and a keen eye for the best cuts of meat. Whether you’re opting for a tomahawk ribeye from Bourbon & Bones in Arizona or the finest filet mignon from a top Parisian dining locale, you want a steak that’s seared and caramelized just so on the outside while melt-in-your-mouth soft on the inside. It should have the right amount of seasoning to complement the flavor without ever overpowering it. While we have nothing against the tough gristle on the steak at your local house of pancakes, there’s no room for that at a fine bourbon steakhouse.

Some steaks do alright with a little salt and not much else, while others reach peak perfection when you add the right sauce or truffle butter. What about a great bordelaise sauce or a slightly spicy horseradish cream? Find the bourbon steakhouse you’ll love, and you’ll keep coming back to experiment.

  1. It’s About Atmosphere Too

Of course, while the drinks and food might be the primary selling point behind a bourbon steakhouse, those aren’t the only reason you go to a top restaurant. You want a place that has a fun, joyous atmosphere: one where everyone is happy to be there. Some restaurants have great food but are, frankly, a little boring to visit. You know the ones we mean, where it’s drab and dark, and you’re ushered off to a little table and left to your own devices.

A great bourbon steakhouse shouldn’t be this way. It should be alive with energy, as everyone there chats with those they love or laughs along with their coworkers or friends. After all, this is a place you go after a long week to unwind or for a celebration: everything about it should be special. You should be enjoying every element of your experience, not just the food and drinks. Otherwise, what’s the point?

  1. And It’s About Friends and Family

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate someone who’s important to you, you should treat them to a special experience. The right restaurant is key, and taking them to a great bourbon steakhouse might just be the best way to show someone you care. Birthdays, bachelor (or bachelorette) parties, retirement celebrations, or just a good, old-fashioned get-together: all of these should be memorable. They should be something you talk about for many years after.

That’s why not just any old restaurant will do. You should opt for one that makes everything about the experience unique and wonderful. Imagine a small group of your closest friends enjoying a good glass of bourbon and a fine steak. Everyone will love the bourbon steakhouse you’ve chosen, and you can take all the credit for planning the experience.

  1. Did We Mention Dessert?

Last, but certainly not least: your local bourbon steakhouse will have an amazing dessert selection. Beer, wine, bourbon, and top-quality steaks are all wonderful, but no fine-dining experience is complete without a decadent dessert to bring it all to a close.

Dessert is more than just a treat at the end of a meal. Studies have shown it’s pretty much a necessity, with a few health benefits of its own. So don’t miss out on your chance for a perfect sweet treat after your bourbon and your steak. Try something rich, like bananas Foster or creme brûlée with the perfect crunch. Bread pudding is a must, as well, or how about a bourbon butter cake or cheesecake? Or, if you’d prefer something lighter, a mouth-watering scoop of fruity sorbet might be right up your alley.

Make sure, when you’re researching bourbon steakhouses in your area, that you check to see that they have a full dessert menu, so you can have the perfect end to the perfect restaurant experience.