5 Reasons Your Next Team Building Should Be in a Movie Theater

roxy Movie Theater

Is an annual team bonding a thing in your business? Are you running out of ideas on what to do this year? Do you want something unique and memorable for your team members? 

If you’re in the United Arab Emirates, why not consider watching movies in Dubai movie theaters? It might be something new to you, but a lot of companies have already celebrated some of their events in a movie theater. 

Guests do not only get VIP treatments while watching good movies; they also enjoy gourmet food as well as conventional cinema snacks. Your chosen cinema would happily tailor their services according to your wants or needs, including the genre of movie you want to watch, the type of food you want served, the style of screening you want experienced, and so much more. 

Unique experience

Although it is uncommon for a team to meet in a cinema for a bonding experience, it’s been done by quite a few companies. Yes, it’s not the same as hosting an event in a hotel or a resort where there are facilities for sports and other team-building activities, but it’s a great venue to bond as well. 

It’s a great place to share a unique and fun experience while watching a movie and sharing your thoughts about the movie, sharing a good laugh, or even a tear, and enjoying good food as well. 

This experience might be unique to your team members because not all cinemas are the same, especially if you choose the one where they can experience VIP treatment during a private screening. They surely will enjoy that blockbuster movie, especially when they’re watching it with their teammates and even their boss. 

Get to know your team more

There are so many things you can do to get to know your team a lot more. 

It can be through your everyday conversations or your regular meetings where you get to see them face-to-face. But watching a movie with them will also give you a sense and understanding of what they love or prefer when it comes to spending their leisure time. 

By asking them what type of movie they want or letting them choose what movie to watch, you’ll get to know them better, and the next time you schedule a movie team bonding event, you could surprise them by choosing what to watch next. 

If you’ve chosen a cinema that offers various meal options, it will be another opportunity for you to know your team better because you’ll know what kind of food they love, or hate, or are allergic to. You can also find out if they’re on a strict diet. 

Knowing these things will give you an idea of what to order or serve when your next team bonding opportunity comes up. Knowing your members, and letting them see that, will give your team members the feeling that you truly care. 

Exchange thoughts and ideas 

Every story has a lesson, right? Why not use a movie to strike up a conversation with your team and ask them what they’ve learned from it? 

Whatever lesson that is, whether it’s something that can be applied to your business, to them as team members, or just in general; it’s good to know that they not only enjoyed watching the movie but they got something out of it as well. This is a good sharing time with your team members, too, and starting with the lesson learned is just the conversation starter. You can go a long way from there. 

Reinvigorate together

It can’t be all work for you and your team. You need to revitalize yourselves. You need to allocate some of your time to relax, feel refreshed, and release stress. And what better way to do that than to watch a movie with your favorite team? 

Giving them the feeling of reinvigoration will not only benefit them but you as well. They’ll be more focused the next time they get to their job. All the stress they’ve been feeling will be eased up, and they will be more inspired to do good work just because you spent a good time together. Watching a movie not only decreases anxiety but also drives motivation, and you all could benefit from that. 

Improve relationships

Watching a movie improves relationships, not only between friends and families but among teammates as well. If you have a new team member, booking a movie would be a good step to help them feel at ease and communicate with the other team members. 

Or if your team already has a good working relationship, it’s a way for them to improve what you have and get closer. If your team has a good working as well as personal relationships, you and your business would benefit from it because if they’re working as one, there’s nowhere to go but up. 

So, make your next team bonding an exciting one. Give your team members the superstar treatment they deserve. Book a blockbuster movie now and make your team event a day to remember.

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