5 Reasons Behind Stubborn Dark Circles

Stubborn Dark Circles

5 Reasons Behind Stubborn Dark Circles | When it comes to dark circles, sleep deprivation is not the only culprit. While getting your regular dose of beauty sleep is important, dark circles can also be caused due to factors like lifestyle changes, stress, and unhealthy diet habits. Our simple guide can help you understand what causes dark circles and can also provide you with some simple tips that you can use to combat them:

  1. Sun Exposure:

When you step out under the sun, the skin under your eyes needs as much protection as the rest of your body. So, do ensure that you apply SPF and retouch it after every two hours. However, make sure that it is a fragrance-free formula, otherwise, it could lead to irritation. Since the skin under your eyes is very thin, it is more susceptible to pigmentation. So make sure that you wear hats and sunglasses before stepping out in the sun.

  1. Prolonged Screen Exposure:

Now that our jobs require us to stare at screens all day long, the stress it causes our eyes shows up in the form of dark circles. While you cannot stop working, you can always help your eyes by taking a break every few hours. You can even use some cooling eye drops if you feel that your eyes are getting more stressed as usual. Lightly massaging the skin under your eyes will promote blood circulation and can help abate dark circles.

  1. Allergies:

Certain allergies to chemical products or climate conditions can also cause pigmentation of your under-eye skin, thus leading to dark circles. For instance, if you have a tendency for cold, you might constantly rub your eyes, which irritates your delicate under-eye skin and causes pigmentation. You can try having an allergy test at your nearest hospital to understand all the factors that could be possible triggers, and can avoid coming in contact with them.

  1. Heredity:

According to Beauty articles, the skin under your eyes is very thin, it is more susceptible to pigmentation. Sometimes dark circles can just be a result of what you’ve been handed through your genes. If your parents have dark circles, there is a good chance that you will have them too. While there is not much that you can do about it, you can always try to conceal them through makeup. A quick dab of concealer under your eyes can make a huge difference in reducing pigmentation.

  1. Diet:

Dark circles could also be a result of unhealthy eating habits and lack of necessary nutrients in your diet. The skin under your eyes is really thin and thus, any nutritional deficiencies easily show up in the form of dark circles. If you really want to make a difference in your skin tone, then cutting down on sugar and processed foods is a good idea, for it will really make a difference in reducing dark circles. Make sure you to get your necessary dose of leafy greens and vitamin C to make sure that dark circles never get out of hand.

Dark circles can be caused due to more than one reason. However, regular hydration and taking good care of yourself can help you combat dark circles to a great extent.