5 Powerful Ways to Taking Charge of Your Career

Image: pexels.com

Ana Margarita Olar | Executivechronicles.com

Decades ago we seem to have a default pattern in our lives. It includes study hard, have a degree, get a decent paying job, study hard (again), be a master of your craft.

You have a security of tenure and it is the only important thing.  If you have several talents, ditch it. Stick to one. You don’t want to be “jack of all trades”. Good at many things, but master of none.

Most employees think that retirement equals happiness. But nowadays, our lives take its turns. If you have several talents, you can find a way to harness them all at once.

Today, you can flex your schedule to do the things that excite you and not to work for work’s sake. Your goal is not job security because that is not reliable nowadays.

The only certain thing now is that change is everywhere. How can you survive this new jungle?

Here are some great ways to take charge of your career:



How long have you been on your job? Which part of your job do you like most? And which part stresses you out? What do you want to learn more? Except for the salary, what excites you in your present job?


What are your main responsibilities on your current job? What are you doing to achieve the mission and vision of your current company? How do you help your employer and co-worker?


How is this possible? Do not work for work’s sake. Don’t work just to pay the bills or guts to get the things done. Everything you do must have an impact to a person or to the company or to yourself.

Make sure that every little thing you do is a step towards goal achievement and not just to pass the time. Think of your job in a business-like mindset. Act, work, and persevere like you own the company.


Keep in mind that what you do to earn money is different from which you are. Do not let your job description be yourself description. You want to be successful in your career but don’t lose yourself in the process.


Write down your life and career goals. Write what you feel about your current situation and how you visualize yourself in the years to come. Write all that you have reflected from the previous steps.

Being the boss doesn’t mean you have to be at the top of a company right away. Again, be your own boss first. Learn to manage your life and finances as well. Don’t work and live for a day. Work and live because you have a clear, targeted goal ahead of you