5 Online Resources to Keep Handy When Moving


Joanna Marie, Executive Chronicles | Moving can be exciting. Whether it is from one house to another, one city to another city or even relocating abroad, it is an experience everyone would love and look forward to. Moving to a new environment enables you to grow in all aspects as change is as good as rest.

A new environment enables you to understand more of your inner self than when surrounded with people you see every day and engage in the same daily routines. Moving forces you to become independent; it has a way of pushing you out of your comfort zone. Your desire to travel is satisfied when you move.

Not only do you engage in adventure, but also get an opportunity to make new connections apart from your childhood friends. Although moving is always stressful, proper planning can enable you overcome the challenges you encounter. Here are five online resources to keep handy when moving:

Top 5 Online Resources You Might Need When Moving

  1. Amazon

Studies have shown that moving from one place to another is the 3rd most stressful activity you can engage in. Browse Amazon to buy products for delivery to your new address within two days after moving into your new home.

Amazon offers all sorts of products at affordable prices. Instead of moving a whole box to your new location from a local store, order the same from amazon to reduce the stress that comes with carrying the heavy load.

The variety of products you can order on Amazon include electronics, groceries and sanitary products, among others. After moving to a new house, buying things you need digitally is the most convenient way to enjoy being in your house on that first day.

  1. Indeed Site

Moving to a new city or country also means you might be forced to look for a new job. Job hunting can be complicated if you are new in an area. Use job sites such as Indeed for your job search. Indeed has thousands of job listings depending on the industry and location of the job.

Browse through the site to find a perfect job match for you. If you don’t find a job on your first day’s search, sign up for email postings to receive emails on similar job positions. Getting a job faster in a new location can help reduce the stress that comes with moving to another location.

  1. Yelp

Download Yelp to help you settle in your new home. It is an app real people use to review places such as hotels and restaurants and products in nearby areas. The portal lists restaurants, bookstores, dry cleaners, banks, etc. in major cities across the world. Yelp is convenient to use anywhere you might be moving to.

It has a ‘nearest’ feature to give information about the place you just moved to. For instance, once you have selected a product, you get a chance to look at reviews and ratings on the business or product before buying it.

  1. Move Planner App

Download the mobile app ‘Move Planner’. It can assist you to plan on how to move by listing things to do until your moving date. The app ensures you don’t miss anything and you are on track with the time frames you set.

  1. Craigslist Pro App

Download Craigslist Pro App to assist you get things when you reach your new home. Moreover, you can sell furniture that may not fit in the new house and designated position. In addition, you can get rid of the old décor and bring in a new one through Craigslist.

Despite the place you’re moving to, it’s important to take advantage of online resources to keep abreast with the latest happenings.

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