3 New Skills You Should Learn to Supercharge Your Career


By: Ana Margarita Olar| Executivechronicles.com

Success is not just an attraction; it is an action. The more you act towards your goals, the more likely you succeed.

As the manager and leader of your company, there are certain sets of skills that you need to cultivate in order to succeed:

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Communication Skills

Communication is a two-way process. There’s a listener and there’s a speaker. However, many leaders focused more on public speaking and almost forget that listening is a communication skill too- a very important skill to learn.

Many times, your staff knew what to do. Why not? They are professionals. Like you, they also have bachelor’s degree. So why do mistakes or office conflicts happen? Why is that many times, you have no idea what’s going on with this person?

If you find it hard to motivate or influence your people even how good your speaking skill is; you might be forgetting the art of true listening.

The art of listening does not only focus on words but the staff’s action and performance too.

For example, if a high performer staff suddenly expresses a desire to resign or change a job; then he might be saying: I wanted a more challenging role, a promotion I deserve, or simple recognition.

Learn how to listen more.

Writing Skills

Writing skill is a career advantage that you might want to give a serious look this year. A good writer, like a good public speaker, can craft great offers that can potentially close big deals for your company.

It can also lessen the time that you need for meetings especially if you can create written instructions that anybody can read and understand. Beyond grammar, learning the skills of looking for powerful words can supercharge your career and make you more valuable in the company.

Research Skills

Not all people love to research or even pay time to research. However, for many companies, a research can start a gold mine.

Today, good research skill can mean learning how to dig the internet and find information that are valuable to you. Where can you find company leads? How can you effectively connect with other businesses?

Knowing how to effectively use the internet to find relevant information and arrange them is a great skill to learn.

Make yourself more valuable by adding these skills in your portfolio today.