5 Money Tricks to lower Transportation Expenses

Credit: Pixabay

By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

High cost of fare or transportation is one of the regular expenses of all motorists and consumers, be they’re entrepreneurs, executives or regular employees. Despite of that, there are money tricks you can do to lower down your transportation expenses.

Be open with the idea of carpooling.   Your expenses in buying your own car is one thing, using and maintaining are the other things.  One trick to save on gas is to do a carpool going back and forth to work.  Of course, it’s ideal to look for co-workers who live in the same areas for this.

Apart from saving money, carpooling has many benefits like its eco-friendly for reducing the release of carbon dioxide and help to ease traffic congestion. If you’re one of the passengers, you can use the time and convenience for stuff like answering emails on your phone or reading reports.

Arrange your regular mall or market trips. Every time you drive going to a faraway establishments you may already spend hundreds.  If you make it a weekly or monthly one, you save a lot from parking and gas expenses. How can you do that? Plan and arrange the things you can do in one place like buying medicines, paying bills, grocery shopping, and meeting your friends. In fact, even government agencies put satellite offices inside the mall for everyone’s convenience.

Avoid spending much for tolls and parking– There are ways to do this like familiarizing yourself of the alternative routes or commute instead of using your own car. On the other hand, right timing to go out will give you freedom to choose convenient and inexpensive parking space.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Pedal to money-saving trips– Bike is a good exercise, apart from it doesn’t require maintenance cost and gas.  Its eco and budget- friendly unlike other vehicles fueled by gas.

Refuel on the gas station near to your place.  It’s for your travel time convenience and cutting down your gas cost.