5 Heavenly Tips To Strengthen Faith During Difficult Times

5 Heavenly Tips To Strengthen Faith During Difficult Times

Executive Chronicles | 5 Heavenly Tips To Strengthen Faith During Difficult Times | When times are difficult, many people turn to their religion for help. Faith is a powerful force in the world with real effects. In some ways, faith is especially important when life is difficult. 

At the same time, some people start to question their faith when times get tough. It is important to learn how to strengthen faith when you are tested. That way, every test will make you stronger and help you develop wisdom.

But how can you strengthen faith when things are so difficult? Read on to learn all about some of the biggest ways you can help develop your faith in times of trials!

1. Think About Your Goals 

One of the greatest challenges to developing faith can be focusing too much on your own will. It is important to ask yourself certain questions when times are tough.

What are you hoping will result from your situation? How do you want things to resolve?

In many cases, people have very specific ideas about what they want to happen. That is fine, but it is important to also keep in mind that God may have other plans in mind.

On top of that, focusing too much on what you wish could happen can turn your thoughts in a negative direction. Every time you think about how you don’t have what you want, it may make your trial feel more difficult.

Instead, it is important to keep an open heart. You are not in full control of what will happen. Whatever may come, you must be prepared to accept it.

Of course, this can be difficult. But the Bible teaches us to trust God with all our hearts and to lean not on our own understanding.

2. Turn To the Scriptures 

The scriptures are an incredible source of wisdom. They are full of people who have gone through terrible trials. Almost nobody goes through trials like some of the people in the Bible did.

The book of Job tells us a story of intense suffering. More than just suffering, the trial that Job went through was completely undeserved. He did nothing to merit the kind of suffering he was subject to.

On top of that, his friends and family encouraged him to abandon his faith in God. Even despite his suffering, despite how unfair it was, and despite the encouragement of his friends and family, Job maintained his faith in God.

The book of Job expresses powerful emotions. Anybody who is suffering can find solace and companionship in the words of Job. And we can all learn inspiration from how he responded to his trial.

Of course, Jesus suffered more than anybody else. And he displayed perfect faith and obedience in suffering. The Bible is full of examples of people who have found a way to get through their trials.

The more time you spend with the scriptures, the more likely you will make the most of your trials. They will help you to turn trials to greater faith rather than to less faith.

3. Use the Power of Prayer 

One of the most common tools that people in the Bible used to get through trials was prayer. Jesus prayed especially earnestly in the Garden of Gethsemane before facing his trial for the crucifixion.

Great inspiration can come in moments of quiet prayer. Prayer is a time when you can express the deepest feelings of your heart. Things you may not say to others you can say in prayer.

Prayer can also help you to reflect. When you are praying, ask yourself what you are truly feeling. What are the true desires and hopes of your heart?

Sometimes, the worst part of a trial is the chaos of it. It is not understanding yourself or your place in the world now that it has changed around you. In times like these, prayer is a powerful way to reconnect with God and with yourself.

4. Don’t Dwell On the Darkness 

People often end up with negative thoughts during trials. These thoughts loop around again and again. This can slowly erode faith over time.

If you notice certain thoughts that always make you feel worse, then you might want to avoid them. Sometimes, it is important to consider thoughts that hurt us. But sometimes we know that thoughts are not completely true, and simply make us feel worse.

If you are going to deal with negative thoughts, they should at least be completely true. If they are not completely true, then you should think of something else instead. When you notice yourself having a recurring negative thought, turn your thoughts to prayer or to your faith instead.

5. Remember to Be Grateful 

The Bible teaches over and over again that we should thank God for all that we have. Some people think that gratitude is about paying attention when times are especially good. But it is actually a powerful tool when times are especially bad.

It is when times are especially bad that you need to focus on what is still good. There is always a long list of things to be grateful for. The more this seems not to be true, the more important it is to count your blessings.

In many cases, finding faith-based publications can help you to maintain your Christian faith in times of trouble. Other people have written about their own struggles and faith-based books and other Christian publications.

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Learn How to Strengthen Faith During Trials

We hope that you were able to take away something helpful from this brief article on a few of the most important things you can do to strengthen faith when you are facing difficult times in life. Life can be difficult, but that difficulty gives us the opportunity to discover the depths of our faith. When we notice ourselves wavering, that is a good sign that we have an opportunity to learn to develop a stronger faith.

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Executive Chronicles | 5 Heavenly Tips To Strengthen Faith During Difficult Times