5 Harmful Effects of Frequent Business Travel

By: Ana Margarita Olar| Executivechronicles.com

You might think that business travels are all perks and privileges. Unplanned, frequent business travels taxes your finances. It also your mind and body as well, here are some harmful effects of frequent travels you should be aware of:


Jetlag has all the negative effects such as confusion, memory impairment, and sleeplessness. It also has the physical effects such as a headache, and fatigue. Imagine if you always experience jetlag. Even seasoned travel staff and pilots experience this.

So if you don’t want the troubles of jetlag, plan your business travel wisely. You must also learn some ways to manage jet lag.



These are some of the studies that suggest how frequent business travels can make you at risk for infections

According to a study, travel related exhaustion can switch off the genes related to your immune system. Another finding from the Journal of Environmental Health states that you are 100 times at risk of acquiring a cold on a plane.

A recent study also showed that when a person sneezes, the virus can reach up to 50 feet in all directions on a plane cabin. If you are lucky and don’t catch a cold, you are still at risk of acquiring food-borne and water-borne illnesses.


Aside from jetlag and infection, frequent business travel can also alter body functions related to aging. Scientific studies have found out that there are genes responsible for controlling the aging process. But when you go on a travel more than twice per month, the function of these genes are altered.


Another risk of frequent travels is the development of a clot in deep veins on your legs hence the name: deep vein thrombosis. This can develop because of long periods of sitting and immobility, such as when you travel for long periods of time.

Dehydration and low cabin pressures can also contribute to its development. This is where the funny-looking socks come in. these socks are designed to support your veins and prevent DVT.


According to a Newsweek article, long and frequent flights expose you to high amounts of radiation. There are normal amounts of radiation since it has become a part of our daily lives. But exposure to a higher level can have a harmful effect.

Those are just some of the harmful effects of frequent traveling. If you want to travel for business or leisure, make sure you take measures to protect yourself. This way, you can enjoy your travel more, and achieve more on your business trips without harming yourself.