5 Gift Tipid-Tips for the Holidays

Patricia Aleckzandra | Executive Chronicles

They say that Filipinos are the ones who celebrate Christmas the longest as we celebrate the holidays once the BER-months start. As we all know, Christmas is a time for giving and one of the perfect moments to show our appreciation to our loved ones. Soon enough, you will be behind desks figuring out what to give this holiday season, and will start stressing as you empty your pockets buying those gifts for your pamangkins, inaanaks, titos, titas, and your whole family tree. Not to mention, the long hours you’ll spend travelling to those malls. Yes, holidays can be very stressful. But we cannot let this holiday pass without giving something out right?  So, before heading to the busy malls and crowded streets, check out these five tipid-tips that will be useful this season of giving:

  • Plan ahead. Whether you admit it or not, the rush of everyone trying to finish Christmas shopping can cause you to panic as well. Once you panic in shopping, your first impulse is to buy whatever you grab first (Believe me dear, I know it!). To avoid this, it is actually wise to plan everything before shopping. Plan on two important things: BUDGET and PLACES. Allot a specific amount of budget for your gifts and STICK TO IT as much as possible. For places, decide early where you want to shop. Once you have decided your place, study routes you could take and alternative routes you will use if ever you encounter problems. Studying routes will lessen expenses and will not take too much of your valuable time. If you are still looking for a place to shop, then try this mall you will surely love (read my lips honey!) ONE-SIX-EIGHT! That is right! This mall will be perfect if you are in a tight-budget. You won’t find so many branded clothes, shoes or handbags, but every bits of clothing and pieces of trendy things will be worth it.
  • Make a list. For this holiday (and those that will come), make a list of everyone you would give presents to, and the things you would want to give them. Your list will serve as a guide so you won’t buy extra things and will also help you to avoid maxing out your credit cards. To lessen your expenses too, try to separate the list for you family and friends. Also, mark presents you can get cheap and you really need to buy branded.
  • Make personalized gifts. Let your creativity take place, personalize your gifts. Yes, bring out those glue and scissors, and start working on them. If you have trouble with personalized gifts and you think you are not creative enough for it, there are thousands of books for DIY books and videos available. Creative does not stop with artsy gifts, you also have a choice to prepare something else. Bake cookies or brownies as your personalized gifts this holiday.
  • GGC. Give Greeting Cards. What better way to greet your loved ones is to actually tell it directly to them. Through greeting cards, you can tell them how much you mean to them and how much you appreciate them. This may not be branded but it is the thought that counts right?
  • Re-use and recycle. Those ribbons and gift wrappers you used last year and in other occasions may be used again for this holiday. Reuse usable wrappers and ribbons, and give a little personalized touch. Give a taste of your personality in every gift you will give. And beside saving more, you get to help the Earth lessen garbage! Yahoo to the environment!

These five simple tips will surely save you more money for something special this Christmas season. Happy shopping!

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