5 Core Things You Should Look When Hiring People


By: Ana Margarita Olar| Executivechronicles.com

Hiring the appropriate people for the job is a very crucial part of a managerial task. This could make or break the success of the company.

Aside from pleasing personality, impressive resume, correct grammar, skills and qualifications, here are some core values that you should look for when hiring people:


Rigor is the ability to take in evidence, integrate information from multiple sources, have comprehension and analysis of its meaning, and make critical decisions quickly.

Many people have skills, any people have passion, but not all possess this ability. Find rigor when hiring people by asking: about the time that they used a fresh data to make a quick decision.

Focus on the how complex the data is and how the person thinks rather than the figure of speech or grammar.

Hiring People


It is the fuel that gets the tough going. The burning desire to improve and realize one’s potential, while taking into consideration the goals and vision of the organization.

Look for ambition when hiring people by asking: what are your plans 2-3 years from now? How do you see yourself 10 years from now?


This person never settles for less bu always finds opportunity for self-growth and improvement, learning and the application of such knowledge in the field of expertise.

Find this quality when hiring people by asking: what books have the greatest effect on your career? And the follow up by asking: what have you recently learned about yourself.

In this way, you can dig deeper about that person, to know those who are committed to constant learning and improving themselves.


These are professionals that make the best from their work even in the most stressful situations. Aside from positivity, having the initiative to fix their own problems instead of blaming others is a critical value that must be considered when hiring people. Look for a candidate that is a “we” person rather than an ‘I” person.


There is a big difference between a humble and an intelligent employee from a skillful but arrogant employee. The former is a rare gem; the latter will be a difficult employee to handle.

Assess for humility when hiring people by asking: How do you feel about the level of recognition you currently received? Humble employees are willing to admit faults, can apologize, willing to learn more and gives credit to whom it is due.

These are some of the core values that you should look for when hiring people for a company. Keep in mind: there is more than meets the eye. So look for physical signs that the candidate is really sincere and honest about what they are telling you.