5 Common Time Management Problems

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Mitzi Ilagan | ExecutiveChronicles.com

We all have 24 hours in one day, right? But there will be days when you’ll feel that time isn’t enough because you’ve got a workload to finish. And then you’ll realize that Beyoncé manages to rehearse, promote, and perform live in a single day. Maybe, your time management isn’t appropriate for the jobs and activities that you’re doing.

You spend minutes thinking about what to do for the day.

If you have given at least 5 minutes of last night to prepare your outfit for the day and the list of tasks that you need to accomplish, then the 30 minutes that you just wasted this morning would have been spent for something productive. You should always be prepared to face the day, so make sure so you won’t waste time.

You spend the day spontaneously.

The first thing that you need to think about in the morning is how you’re gonna spend the whole day. The plans that you made the night before would be useless if you won’t follow it. What you need to do is list them down, make a check list or jot them down on sticky notes, so you’ll remember to do every single task.

You get bored of your routine.

If you’re an office employee who does the same thing every day, you’ll probably get bored especially when nothing really changes. You’ll spend more time on doing nonsense because you’re bored. You need to get a fresh routine, so try thinking of a way on how you could make things interesting again.

You unconsciously spend more time browsing on social media sites.

You’re lucky if Facebook and YouTube aren’t blocked on your office computer’s web browser. But you’re not really lucky at all because social media sites are major distraction. Try your best not to give in to notifications and boredom. You could always do that during breaks or after work.

You waste your waiting time.

Your daily commute, queue at the coffee shop, or waiting game as your PC or internet slows down could also be productive. You could complete simple tasks such as organizing your desk things, replying to e-mails, or listing down tasks on sticky notes. Time management could be more effective if you get the best out of every minute of your routine.