5 Career Tips for the Confused


Mitzi Ilagan | ExecutiveChronicles.com
If a week before graduation, you feel all lost because you are still undecided on what job post you are to apply for, tap your shoulder. It’s natural to be confused during this life stage when you’d get to enter a whole new world. But if you feel the same thing on your sixth month of your second job, well, don’t worry, that’s still normal after all. Here are some career tips on how you could cope up with this bump in your life:

Get to know yourself more.

Not all people are geared towards a single path where they’d excel without any obstructions along the way. You must be someone who’s into writing articles, generating codes, and does pottery all at the same time. If this is the case, then you’d have to contemplate on which career path you are going to progress depending on your potential job, salary, needs, and environment.

Set a me-time once in a while.

Sometimes, doing a job at the office doesn’t mean you’re doing it with everything that you’ve got. Take a break and think about what you really want to do. Sometimes, you just get tired of your routine. Who knows, maybe when you get all energized, your old, productive self would come back to love your career again, too.

Don’t compare your career with others’.

It isn’t healthy to compare yourself with someone who you think has a better career than yours. Instead, make that someone your inspiration to strive more, so that you’ll surpass whatever they’ve been to.

Be honest with yourself.

If you think that you’re slowly losing interest on what you’ve been doing for the past two years, how about find something that’ll make you more productive? It’ll be a waste of time to do something which does not make you want to rise up on a Monday morning.

Don’t get overly-excited of being successful.

Cliché it may sound, but success doesn’t really happen overnight. If you’re itching to figure out what career you’re likely to get rich, then you’re doing it wrong. You just have to let your curiosity lead you.

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