5 Best Construction Safety Tips

5 Best Construction Safety Tips White Card Construction Safety Tips Best Construction Equipment

Executive Chronicles | 5 Best Construction Safety Tips | Construction is one of the most dangerous industries for employees. The industry even has its own phrase for the most common causes of injuries and death. The term is the “fatal four,” and it represents falls, electrocution, being struck by an object, and getting caught in or between something on the job site. Follow these safety tips to prevent workplace injuries and fatalities.

  • Protect Workers from Falls

If possible, it’s important to remove all fall hazards in the construction site. Workers should complete work on the solid ground before lifting and installing objects. That isn’t always possible, so when hazards cannot be completely eliminated, workers must use the proper safety equipment. Also, a fall prevention plan should be in place to protect employees.

  • Implement Lockout/Tagout Procedures

Construction workers must use lockout/tagout protocols when circuits and equipment are not in use. A trained employee should begin the procedure by ensuring that each piece of equipment and every circuit is de-energized. Then, the lock or tag needs to be applied. A trained person must also be on hand when it is time to re-energize the circuits and equipment.

  • Prevent Employees From Being Struck by Objects 

Countless construction workers are struck by objects while on the job. Avoid this problem by having a safety plan in place. If workers are using power tools, they must wear a face shield or safety goggles, and all tools should be inspected before use.

Also, employees need to steer clear of areas where other employees are working. Those who are working in an area must use the proper equipment to secure tools, and the lifting capacity of hoists and cranes must never be exceeded. 

Employees should never stand under suspended loads and must ensure they are outside of the swing radius. Those who are in the area need to have visual confirmation that the heavy equipment operator knows they are there.

  • Prevent Employees From Getting Caught in or Between Objects

These injuries often occur when people are repairing equipment. Equipment must be properly shut down before working on it, and safety locks need to be in place. When equipment is in motion, workers need to make sure the driver sees them. Also, make sure employees have an escape plan in place whenever there is more than one piece of equipment involved.

  • Use a Lone Worker Device to Protect Employees

If you utilize lone workers, you also need to include a lone worker device in your safety plan. These devices can be used to live-stream events, send alert messages, track employees, and more. Your employees won’t be truly alone if they have these devices. You will receive an alert if there is a problem on the job site and send assistance if necessary.

Keep Employees Safe

Safety is of the utmost concern in the construction industry. You want your employees safe at all times, so follow these tips. From protecting against falls to getting a lone worker device, there are lots of ways to improve safety at the job site.

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