5 Benefits to Roasting Your Own Coffee

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ExecutiveChronicles | 5 Benefits to Roasting Your Own Coffee | The aroma of roasted coffee is enticing which may explain why it is loved by many. It could be that you buy your roasted coffee from a roaster and then brew it at home or you buy already brewed coffee. While the coffee may be good, it may not reach the standard of the one you have roasted. Here is why you should consider roasting your own coffee.

1. Freshness

By roasting your own coffee beans, you have the freshest beans. Coffee beans have the best flavor about four to 24 hours after roasting. The longer they are kept, the more the aroma and the taste diminish. You should not keep your roasted beans for more than three weeks before brewing to ensure freshness.

Also, remember that the beans start losing antioxidants in a week after roasting and immediately after grinding. So to get more health benefits, use the roasted coffee beans in three weeks after roasting and grind them just when you want to brew coffee. Grinding Coffee beans in a french press coffee maker is a simple method as you have to choose the coarse grind setting option.

By roasting your own coffee, you ensure that you use the coffee beans when they are fresh in which case you get the best flavor and aroma.

It will save you from buying roasted coffee beans which may have been roasted weeks ago and in some cases, you may not know when they were roasted. These are not fresh and will not produce good coffee.

2. Cost saving

By buying green coffee beans, you save money since they can cost half the price of roasted coffee. Even worse, a cup of coffee may cost three times a pound of green beans. This way, your cup of coffee will cost much less but will have more flavor and aroma.

Besides, you can store the green beans for longer, even up to two years, unlike roasted beans which need to be consumed the soonest to preserve their flavor.

3. Freedom of choice

By roasting your coffee, you can choose beans from the region you prefer. This is unlike when you buy roasted beans and you have to rely on the blends that the coffee roaster has in stock. You can choose beans from different regions, whether it is from Ethiopia, Rwanda, Colombia or any other region that you prefer.

Similarly, you decide how you will roast it, whether you will have light roasts, medium or dark roasts depending on how you want your coffee to be.

When you roast, you have room to experiment. You can mix coffee beans from different origins and create your own blend. You can mix very light, light, medium and dark beans and see how your coffee turns out. You choose how you want to prepare your beans.

4. The satisfaction

It is fascinating to turn green beans into an aromatic pot of freshly brewed coffee. When you brew your own coffee, you feel the satisfaction of knowing that you are getting a fresh cup of coffee that contains all the flavors.

5. The coffee is tastier

When you roast the coffee, you choose good quality green coffee beans and roast them at the level you desire. For instance, you can buy organic beans from the region you desire and roast it to your chosen level. Since you are in control, with practice, you can brew tastier coffee than you can find anywhere else.