4 Ways to Update Your Home on a Budget

Tips on How You Can Upgrade Your Home on a Budget

4 Ways to Update Your Home on a Budget | When it comes to home renovations, many people think it should be costly and time-consuming. The truth is you can do a great update without the cost of an interior designer or contractor. Here are simple ways to upgrade your light fixtures, freshen up your kitchen, and much more and still remain with something substantial in the bank account.

  1. Change The Look of Your Entryway

First impressions are very important. The moment guests step into your home, they look at the door. If it’s not in good shape, then it’s uninviting. So it’s better to paint, repair, or replace it with a new one. This can substantially change your home’s look and enhance its curb appeal.

Also, try doing some other simple things such as repainting the exterior trim and replacing the house numbers. Then install new outdoor lighting and replace or weed the flowers that are near the door. You could also place some healthy plants in two planters on the right and left side of your front door. This can make your home look brand new.

  1. Refresh Your House with Paint

Give your lackluster, wash-out exterior and interior walls a great boost by applying new paint. Painting can brighten up your home and make it look clean. You could paint the walls with the same color but in different shades with the bottom having the darkest one. Remember the ceiling.

The beauty of painting is that it does not require special skills. Although your starting point may not be perfect, you can always improve every time. Learning to paint the DIY way can save you the money you’d use in hiring a professional painter.

  1. Change the Lights

Boring recessed lights make living and dining rooms look uninviting. If you have such lights, replace them with eye-catching chandeliers. There’s a wide range of low-cost but beautiful ceiling fixtures that home stores offer. Select one type for each room and change the way your home looks.

Sticking with your regular lights can be boring. Add some accent lighting to spice up your home. Invest in spotlights that you can plug into your existing outlets. They could help in directing light to those features you’d like to emphasize in your home such as art and other artifacts.

  1. Update Your Blinds

Are your existing blinds troubling you? If their trim is falling off and they are not functioning properly, constantly jamming and getting stuck when you’d want to close them, consider replacing them. Some vertical blinds may even be very heavy to raise or lower.

You do not have to go for the expensive wood blinds for your home to have a stunning look. Just purchase ones made from aluminum and vinyl materials. Aluminum blinds are especially great since they’re easy to clean and very durable. They also allow you to choose from different colors and thicknesses to suit your home’s décor and style.


Updating your home can be inexpensive. It may not even take much of your time. Simple things such as reframing your home’s entrance, changing lighting, and updating your old blinds can go a long way in transforming its outlook. Save that money you’d use on professionals.

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