4 Traits to Avoid So You Spend Money Wisely


MJ Gonzales│ExecutiveChronicles.com

Saying “no” in overspending is easy if you have a tight budget. Thus, more or less if you have extra cash and there’s special reason to spend it like job promotion or rare midnight sale, saying “yes” in spending is easier? Here are the four suggestions so you can spend your money wisely.

Boasting about you get. Being proud of your recent achievement doesn’t require that you have to reward yourself impulsively and overly.  Instead of converting your ecstatic emotion in impractical actions, divert that proud moment to boost your self-esteem or drive to succeed. So when you’re in down moment, you have something to ponder for good vibes not regrets. Furthermore, boasting triggers lying or spending more than you can give in order to prove something you say.

Counting money you don’t have yet. There’s harm in expecting too much on something even if you’re not quite sure you’ll have it.  Apart from emergency cases, don’t forget that you can’t hold on someone’s time and decision.  Let’s say you’re thinking to buy an expensive latest gadget since you’re assuming that your friend will pay back the money he borrowed soon. Did he mention when? What if he can’t pay you on time, but you need to pay an obligation immediately?

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Not minding and following schedules.  Apparently almost all the things have expiration that if you ignore, stress will haunt you soon.  An example of this is forgetting the due dates of your utility bills. It is not only about experiencing waterless, phoneless or electricity-less house for hours or days, but also paying interest and reconnection fees.

Doing something or going somewhere you really don’t know. Ignorance is not only the number one risk factor in breaking laws, but also in investing, business and personal finance.  As much as possible, make it a point that you double check first the product or service you want to avail.  If it’s a smartphone, see reviews and specs so you know what you’re paying for. If it’s an unknown place, ask your friends or read information how you’ll get there conveniently.  Getting lost is will probably make you late on your appointment and spend more for your travel fares.