4 Tips to Tidy Your Entertainment Center

4 Tips to Tidy Your Entertainment Center

Executive Chronicles  | 4 Tips to Tidy Your Entertainment Center | Did you know that over 25% of Americans think their home is at least a little cluttered? Chances are, you’ve got some mess you’d like to get tidied up!

Is your entertainment center messy? Would you like to actually be proud of it? Then you need some organization tips.

Thankfully, we’re here to help! Here are 4 entertainment center organization tips you should know about.

  1. Hide Your Cords and Wires

The number one thing you can do for entertainment center organization is hiding all your cords and wires! So if you’re wondering how to organize cords behind an entertainment center, we’ve got you covered.

Gather them up neatly so they look like 1 giant cord. That way, it’ll look significantly less messy!

What you can do is get some Velcro® Brand One Wrap tape and bundle everything together. This allows you to gather your wires together, all without damaging them.

Should you need to add or remove any cords, just unsnap the Velcro and do your thing! This is probably the best entertainment center cable organizer out there.

Once you’ve gathered up all your cords and wires, run them along the side of your entertainment center and then behind it. Out of sight, out of mind!

  1. Label Your Cords and Wires Too

How many times have you looked at something plugged in, but couldn’t figure out exactly what it was? Then, you have to go through this whole ordeal of unplugging and replugging things just to figure things out!

Use a label maker to print out individual tags. Bonus points if they’re colored too!

  1. Use Curtains

Speaking of “out of sight, out of mind,” think about putting up curtains if your entertainment system is open.

You can pull these aside to easily access whatever you need. And when you’re done, simply slide them back into place so everything’s hidden away.

Simply install 2 rods in each section: 1 on top, 1 on bottom. Slide pieces of cloth with small holes cut out every so inches on both the top and bottom, and you’ll have quick and easy curtains.

  1. Use Boxes

Boxes are the ultimate organizational tool. You can instantly get rid of mess by shoving everything in a box (although we don’t recommend that).

Get yourself some media boxes or clear bins. Then, stack everything inside neatly by category. Lastly, slide the boxes into place in the entertainment center for a nice and organized look.

For items you use often, try having a labeled basket instead. For example, you can have a basket for console controllers. Grab one when gaming, then just throw it back into the basket when you’re done.

Step up Your Entertainment Center Organization

Entertainment center organization shouldn’t be hard. And with our tips, it won’t be.

All you have to do is put a few of them into place, and your entertainment center will be transformed. Say goodbye to mess and clutter, and hello to neat and stylish!

If you enjoyed these entertainment center organization ideas, then browse the rest of our blog for more life hacks!