4 Tips to Make Social Media Marketing Less Time Consuming


By Ana Margarita Olar| Executivechronicles.com

If you want your advertisement to be noticed on social media, you’ll be tempted to drain yourself looking for sites, reading contents which tend to draw your attention away to your goals and wasting your precious time. So here are some tips to make your social media marketing easier and save your time:


Planning:  Clear and Scheduled Goals and Objectives

You have to list you goals and objectives for social media marketing. These objectives should be aligned with your broader marketing goals. These objectives will be your guide if you are meeting your daily expectations when it comes to the number of audiences visiting your site, actual income, and an actual number of existing customers. Also, include a time frame in posting content so that you will know if you’re on schedule or not.   In goal setting, you can include investigating how often other advertisers are posting, and conduct research to know the ideal amount of content to publish per day on each channel.

Also, planning will save you from these three marketing hassles: one, wasting your time figuring out how each and every channel works; two, spending a lot of time on each and every website to copy content; and three, trying to consume everyone else’s post and content.

Be a People Magnet

Search on what your social media audience need to know about the product and the company. Be simple and direct to the point. Have a regular update about the product and services. Interact with your audience, answer their questions directly. Being straightforward saves time for you and your audience.


    • Be inspired by social media leaders, clients, and even competitors. Oops- being inspired is entirely different from being a copy cat. You just have to get your own original idea based on what is found on the web.
    • Assess your existing social media channel. Having an assessment gives you an idea on what are the areas for improvement, what strategy should you retain, which channel is mostly used by your target market, are you achieving your goals, and are you achieving your goals at the defined time?
    • Utilize Social Media Management Tools. Instead of logging in and out to every social media sites all day to create real-time post, try tools such as Vertical Response to post directly from your account. There are also online tools that let you manage multiple social channels where you can see and post from one central dashboard.
    • Cut back on the number of sites to make it more manageable. It’s better to have few channels which you can manage well than having a lot but poorly done sites.

Test, Evaluate and Adjust Social Media Marketing Plan and Strategy

Build testing capabilities on every action you take on social networks. Survey can also be a tool in gauging your success. Record and analyze your success and failures and adjust your plan with these given in formations. Plans must be dynamic and constantly changing, adjusted to fit the needs of the audience, to accommodate changes in the networks, to include newly formed websites among others.