4 Tips to Keep your Bathroom Squeaky Clean


Mary Rae Floresca | ExecutiveChronicles

The bathroom is a place where you clean and prepare yourself before starting your day and in between hours at the office. But what if the bathroom needs the cleaning? Even if you are too busy to clean, allot a time for it so you don’t have to envy the posh and spotless bathrooms of a five-star hotel. Here are a few ways to keep your bathroom clean and smell clean.

  1. Clear the area

This means returning the magazines on the rack, stashing your dirty clothes in the ramp, and placing your brushes on its containers. Clear the space to prepare yourself for cleaning. Put away the wet towels and hang it outside. Make sure all the little things like bobby pin, lipsticks, hair ties are placed in your small drawers. Remove all the unnecessary clutter that pile up in your bathroom.

  1. Prep your toilet and tiles

Pour a few caps of your preferred toilet bowl cleaner in the bowl, the seat, and the top of the toilet tank. Pour liquid cleaner on the tiles of your bathroom as well, make sure your bathroom rags are set aside. Let the detergent sit for 10-15 minutes. It’s easier to scrub the dirt off when it settles on the surface. Maybe while waiting, you can start hoarding your laundry to into the washing machine, talk about multitasking. After, start scrubbing, with a brush, put an effort to scour between the tiles, that’s the hardest part. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do that every day.

  1. Avoid the moisture

The build-up of moisture in your bathroom is the breeding ground for bacteria and other unwanted microorganisms. Make a rule to yourself or your family to mop the floor every after taking a bath, open the shower curtains, you may also open the window or switch on the exhaust fan. Another fast solution is the magic of the baking soda, it’s not exactly for drying, but it dissolves the dirt left in the drainage and also the sink, it deodorizes the area as well. That’s a quick fix.

  1. Keeping the bathroom smell fresh

Sometimes, rigorous cleaning isn’t enough to make your bathroom smell good. Air freshener is always an option but the stinky smell may still be present. A Plumbing and Drain Cleaning service provider, Roto Rooter Philippines advises, “Plumbing systems are designed to prevent foul odors from entering the house by means of the trap attached to fixtures. Traps contain water to seal out foul odors; if the water seal evaporates, the odors enter the house. To solve this problem, pour a bucket of water in each trap, sink, shower and floor drain. This will prevent the odors from entering the house.”

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