4 Tips to Measuring Your Website’s SEO Strategy


Joanna Marie | A website SEO Strategy is basically the process where the website content is organized in a way that it makes it easier for search engine like Google to understand what the user is looking for. SEO strategy is about optimizing the website in a way that it can be ranked higher and thus makes it easier for web users looking for content in your website to find it easily. There are people who are good at making sure that your website is visible and easy to find. You can hire a Miami seo expert who can evaluate your SEO strategy to determine how effective it is. Here are some of the tips which you can use to measure your website SEO strategy.

  1. Review your SEO Goal

The first tip to measuring your website SEO strategy is to review your SEO goal. This is the goal which you had in mind before coming up with the SEO strategy in the first place. Different people have different goals when it comes to coming with the strategy for their website; Many people when they set up their SEO strategy are looking to rank highly in Google and other popular search engines. There are those who are looking to drive in traffic and there are looking to make more conversion or sell more stuff.  To be able to effectively measure the strategy you must first review the SEO goal you set.

  1. Website Ranking

Ranking is one of the most common ways of measuring how your website is doing. The reason for this is that the websites which are ranked on the first page of search engine such Google have over 92% chance of being opened. This means that if your SEO was to rise in ranking then you need to check the keyword on the website. This will entails checking the keywords on the first page of google search result. Depending on the result you get, you will be able to determine how well you are doing and whether you need to invest more in website ranking.

  1. Website Traffic

The traffic coming into your website is the other way of measuring how your website is doing.  Measuring the volume and the quality of traffic is very crucial. The traffic volume is measured by the number of people who visit the site. A successful SEO strategy is the one which shows exponential increment of traffic over time. This shows that the strategy is actually working and more people are coming to the site. There is also the quality of traffic; this is the amount of time that the visitors spend on the website.

  1. Conversion

The last parameter of measuring the SEO strategy is the conversion rate; these are the number of people who are actually converted depending on goals. If your goal is to make more sales then you need to measure your strategy depending on the increase of sales. If the goal is to increase leads then the can be increase in requests, appointment requests and even phone calls.