4 Tips for Convenient Job hunting


By: MJ Gonzales

I remember the days of Bio-data era and walk-in applications of my older siblings. They were regular clients of rush ID photo booths and school supplies store for those precious long brown envelopes, liquid eraser and glue.  Apart from that, they brought copies of their bio-data to different companies as walk –in applicants. There’s still bio-data in the market and walk-in applications, but with the modern technology and techniques applicants nowadays find more convenience in hunting jobs. How? Here the tips to save time, money and energy in finding your next dream job.

Online Job Application  

Job hunting now is lot easier than before with the help of different  job sites. All you have to do is to create your profile or upload the soft copy of your resume with picture and then search and click the ‘apply’ button on their platform.  You can even send applications for as many companies as you want within your 30-minute computer rental.

Just always be reminded that you have to be careful, read the job ad before you apply. Don’t just hit the button randomly so you won’t waste hiring officer’s time who think that you are interested in their job vacancy.  Furthermore, there are sites that let companies put red mark on your profile for not attending job interview.

Use Google Maps or Wikimapia

All right there are places on online maps that are not actually updated, but they are still great help for you to locate addresses, estimate time and find better ways.  One feature of Google Map is giving you direction from where you are coming from and to place where you want to go.  In other countries like in Japan and South Korea, they can even let you see areas as if you where there walking around.

By the way Parasatabi.com is also helpful guide especially for commuters in Metro Manila for their transportation quests.

Create Digital Portfolio

LinkedIn.com is the site for you, job seeker.   There are HR officers and even company owners can be part of your network on this cool social networking site.  In case you don’t know, LinkedIn is also a great source to get tips for your field and career.

Meanwhile, you can also create your own website where you can show your portfolio and credentials.  Though there are free platforms that you can use, it is advisable that you buy your own domain name and use dotcom (.com).

However if you are the shy-type and you choose to apply in a specific company only, it is better if you scanned your works (i.e articles of you are writer), government IDs and  keep your  resume  at least somewhere in your email.  In this way, whether you forget your flash drive you have digital copy of your IDs and curriculum vitae.

Photocopy your resume and ID photos

Always have extra copies of your resume whenever you are out there. Most of the time HR officers are asking for your resume though they already have the digital copy of it. Furthermore, there are cases that in one building there are various companies that may interest you.  Thus,with your extra copies of your CV, you don’t need to go back the next day just to submit application or go to nearest computer shop again to reprint your resume.   You save time, money, effort and above all opportunity.

To minimize your expenses for your resume, the first thing you do is to double check it.  Carefully scan it to avoid presenting curriculum vitae with typographical or grammatical errors, wrong details, and unpleasant look. Bear in mind that your resume is your personal ticket to win a job.

Secondly, instead of paying for reprinting that costs Php5 to Php15 per page better to just photocopy your resume. Choose the photocopy shop that produce clean and quality output that as if your resume is printed fresh from your computer.  Since you are already in that kind of shop, have photocopies of your legal identifications cards such as your latest company IDs, government IDs and clearances (NBI and Police).