4 Tips to Create a Stunning Business Card

By: Ana Margarita Olar| Executivechronicles.com

A business card is one way of introducing your business to a potential client. You want to convince them to find out more about your business.

You increase your chance of engaging with your customers if you have a stunning business card. Here are some tips on how you can create a distinctive and professional business card:


Your business card should contain the 4 basic information that answers who, what, where, and why. It should be clear about the information you want to share. Include your name, job title, company name or logo. Other essential information is your website, email address and phone number. Or to save some space, you can also add a QR code. This is a neat and professional way of putting a lot of details. By scanning your QR code, people can automatically access your website and you can communicate with them.

Business Card (2)


In an attempt to put a lot of information, you may think that shrinking the font size is a good idea. But beware- because small text can appear readable on screen only. When printed, it can turn into smudge which makes it unreadable. Don’t go smaller than font 8. Also, avoid a detailed calligraphic point which also makes it hard to read.

While the written content is important, you also need to add visual content as it leaves an impression to your potential clients. It provides them with something to remember or think about. You can save a small space for your logo or you can use it as a background of your business card.


If you know how to use bright colors, it can make the business card distinctive. But be sure to keep it simple yet exciting. You can have a simple contrast such as black and white, or a combination of bright and subtle colors.
Another way to make your business card look like a pro is the embossing technique. It creates a raised 3D effect and adds elegance to your card. Aside from visual, embossing also stimulates the tactile sense of your potential customers. Research shows that stimulating two or more senses increases the chance that your clients will remember your business.

And the most important thing put you in place of your customers. Think about, if I’m hungry, will this business card satisfy my hunger? If I look for adventure, will this business card give me one? If I look for elegance and style, can this business card provide it for me? Your business card should be able to convince your customer that you can provide the products or services that they need.