4 Tech Solutions Making Our Roads Safer

Tech Solutions that Make Our Roads Safer road-map-travel-trip

ExecutiveChronicles.com | 4 Tech Solutions Making Our Roads Safer | There are more than a few road safety issues in the Philippines. In this article, find out how tech solutions help address those issues and which ones are the most effective.

Road accidents, uneven surfaces, jam-packed traffic, and unscrupulous enforcers: these are some things that Filipino drivers have to be ready for every day. However, there is one aspect that should be prioritized above the rest, and that is road safety.

While there are still many areas that we can improve road safety in the country, here are the technologies used today:

  1. Thermoplastic road paint

In a tropical country like the Philippines, a particularly sunny day can raise asphalt to sixty degrees or higher. That said, markings on the road need to be able to withstand the heat to maintain the safety of motorists. This is where thermoplastic reflectorized paint comes in. Aside from remaining visible during the night, road markings with this type of paint are resistant to heat, dirt, and high pressure, which is essential for hot and dust-prone countries like ours.

  1. RFID stickers

In 2009, the Land Transportation Office implemented the Radio Frequency Identification System, more commonly known as RFID. The RFID chip on the sticker contains the personal information of the driver, including their vehicle’s details and history. Authorized gadgets can only read it with respect to the Data Privacy Act.

RFID chips help improve road safety by identifying cars that have been used as getaway vehicles, as well as those that have been stolen. Moreover, RFID readers can easily detect drivers who commit traffic violations, which can help discourage things that risk the safety of motorists, such as reckless driving, speeding, and swerving.

However, the use of RFID stickers is not yet mandatory. We can hope that in the future, theLTO requires all vehicles to use RFID stickers to increase the safety of everyone on the road.

  1. Dashcams

Dash cameras are becoming more common among Filipino drivers, which can significantly contribute to road safety. With dash cams, drivers who get into accidents have irrefutable evidence of who is at fault, thus decreasing the length and complexity of legal disputes. Furthermore, dash cams can help identify vehicles that have committed a hit-and-run, which helps hold criminals accountable and make it easier for victims to attain justice.

Some cars also have reverse dash cams, which can help drivers back the car up safely and see if there are any obstacles behind them. This can also be extremely useful when a child or animal that is out of the driver’s view suddenly runs behind the car while reversing, helping prevent potentially devastating accidents.

  1. Driving apps

Aside from navigation apps, there are lots of driving apps that can increase safety while driving. Here are some examples of driving app functions:

  • Auto-replies to non-urgent calls and texts while you’re driving
  • Tracks location and sends notifications to loved ones when you’ve arrived safely
  • Limits the use of your phone while you are driving
  • Makes audible alerts when you go beyond the speed limit
  • Provides real-time notifications about road accidents, traffic jams, and police activity up ahead

We still have a long way to go before achieving optimum road safety in our country. Nevertheless, these technologies help us create safer roads for everyone, including drivers and pedestrians, and we can hope that they continue to improve over time.