4 Strong Reasons Why Business Cards Still Matter

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MJ Gonzales │ ExecutiveChronicles.com | If telegrams become mobile phone texts and reporting through overhead projectors evolve into audio-visual presentations on a website, then why business cards are still relevant today? The equation of technology with business matters is unclear and evolving, but there are tiny little things can’t be outdo like giving business card.

Even up to this date, coming in a formal business gathering requires a written introduction to remind who you are, what you do, and how to reach you.  Imagine that you already a big shot potential client and when he asks about your business card, possibly that instance let’s you pass 1 million worth deal.  Given this, why do you think professional ask business cards than just mere getting your mobile number?

  1. Your cards represent your business/ career personality instantly. In the first place, business cards are created to market you and what you do. If you don’t have it that sends a signal that you are not ready for a business deal. On the other hand, these cards tell something about your company instantly, like if you’re operating in a business district and have a distinct brand or logo. Thus, it’s essential to meticulously design your business card.
  2. Not all businessmen are into technology. Not all businessmen are tech-savvy and even enjoy buying gadgets. So this means, there are still plenty of old school out there who are rich and famous  who don’t bring their smart phones or bother with internet connection.
  3. Business Cards Break Networking Blues and Barriers. Whether you are a social butterfly or not, giving business cards is your good icebreakers. You can use those to start introducing yourself more, entice others to ask about you, and ultimately network your products or services.
Credit: Pixabay

In some countries, giving business cards is automatic as ritual. According to sbinfocanada.about.com, Hong Kong and Japan have etiquette for exchanging business  cards.

“The ritual exchange of business cards is central to establishing business relationships in many countries. In Hong Kong, for instance, if you are given a business card and don’t offer one in return, you can basically close up business then and there, says Rory Boland in Hong Kong Business Card Etiquette.”

  1. Business Card is your all in one tiny mini resume and pamphlet. Business cards should be always part of your marketing tool. It’s a tangible little and one of the cost-effective promotional materials you can produce.  Apart from your contact details, business cards can be your ticket to be invited in events,   to be part of the leads of a headhunter or to be a regular service provider for a company. In addition to these, it’s easy and many people keep business cards than pamphlets and brochures.