4 Steps to Make Your Social Media Time Truly Worthy

Credit: Pixabay

MJ Gonzales│ Executive Chronicles

Checking updates and posting on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram become daily habit. Doing these may just be for relaxation, which we all deserve to have. What if you have plenty of time to do it? Here are four suggestions to make your social media time become more than leisure time.

  • Add or follow sites that offer informative articles and links

To read news or feature stories, you have to visit different websites right? If you have spare time, find and follow sites that interest you.  They could be about arts, personal finance, business, sports, hobby and others. In this way, what you see next time on your wall or news feed are not only updates from your friends, but also stories from different sites. All in one!

  • Build Network

On the other post here at Executive Chronicles, we discussed the importance of personal networking for business and career.  Now, it’s going to be tedious and boring if you do it in one sitting. So why not start checking who are good to add especially on LinkedId when you have free time. Those personalities can be your mentors and connections someday who can help to boost your career.

  • Discover useful features

The interesting part about people using Facebook is they may use it every day and yet, they don’t know several features of it. If you like to pursue social media marketing someday or soon, you have to know more than just posting status, chatting, and sharing links. You should be aware how to check analytics or insights, create fan page, to do FB ads, the power of hashtags, add helpful apps and more. You can even start to blogging without creating new site with your existing Facebook or LinkedId account.

  • Credit: Pixabay
    Credit: Pixabay

    Help  NGOs  and other institutions to spread their causes

Memes, quotes, and links to funny sites may be entertaining, but they don’t make great impact for your friends and even to yourself. They possibly like or share those things, but that’s it. However, if you post announcements and statements from various reputable organizations– that’s something. You don’t only inform your interested friends about the events they might be interested to attend, you also help to spread camaraderie and advocacy. Furthermore, doing it may boost your mindset and image.