4 Smart Money Tips for your 13th month Pay

Credit: Pixabay

MJ Gonzales │ExecutiveChronicles.com

13th Month Pay is possibly one of the many exciting things every month of  December.  It’s like extra pays of all extra pay given the amount and timing. Whether it’s already on your pocket or not right now, what’s your plan or where you’re going to spend it? How about Christmas Bonus?

Though 13th month pay is an additional money that arrives inside your wallet, it may also fly sooner than later if you don’t mind where to use it. Marketers and salesmen would know you’re extra rich these days that’s why there are also bazaars here and there.  So to outsmart them, you should be an ace when it comes in using this once a year perk.

  1. It’s a high time to pay yourself.   In the previous months, keeping money for your savings is little bit harder because you have limited money to budget for your expenses.  Let’s say, you keep at least Php 500 per month for your emergency fund and Php 250 for your retirement fund. Now that you have extra money to splurge, why not double or triple your budget for those items.  This is also good if you missed saving for months or want to cover in advance the possible time you can’t put money in your piggy bank.
  2. Be a green light to your lender.  Paying people or organizations, which you owe money is smart move to make. Apart from you possibly put a smile on someone’s face this Yuletide season because he or she also needs money; it does also breathe a sigh of relief to decrease the amount of your loans. Perhaps with your 13th month pay you can finally be a debt-free.
  3. Invest, invest, and invest.   Investing doesn’t only about business, mutual fund or stock market, it can be also buying laptop, vacation or enrolling to a short course. As long as an item empowers you and can’t be considered as mere one-time luxury that can be a sample of investment.
  4. Repair those weak parts.  Do you like to see the fruit of your money longer than usual?  Then use it to repaint and repair parts of your house that need attention.  Besides the weather is perfect, repairing your ceilings, toilet, and backyards would be fun with your family especially if you have fund for it.


Unlike Christmas Bonus, 13th month pay is a government-imposed fee, particularly rank-and-file employees, that’s almost or the same monthly basic salary. On the other hand, employers with gratitude to their employees give Christmas bonus.  And though it’s tempting to spend any of these two for comforting things, its way cooler if you can use it for worthy things you can enjoy longer than 13 months.