4 Signs that It’s Time to Really Consider Career Change


By: Ana Margarita Olar| Executivechronicles.com

Every now and then, being an employee of a certain company for a long time can lead into saying: “If I have a choice, I would leave this job, “and seriously you don’t mean it. But, if you are thinking of leaving your job every day that is something serious. Here are some signs you should be aware of and really consider a shift in your career:couch-conference-startup-bro-concentration

  1. You lack passion, energy, and you can’t fight boredom.

You wake up every day struggling to get up from the bed and you are not excited- not a little bit of going to work. Sure, there are times that you feel tired and exhausted after a period of a hectic schedule, but if this feeling comes to you every day, and then you have to do something to address that feeling. It is true that enthusiasm is not present every day. But if you are really done your best to feign enthusiasm on a daily basis, then it’s high time that you consider a career change.

  1. You forgot the reason why you are with that company.

You are stuck in a work routine and the original reason why you chose that career in the first place. The creativity, the enthusiasm, the potential things that you have offered the company, all that things that enticed you to that company is gone. After all those years, you’ve become like a zombie stuck in a routine very much different from the enthusiastic, energetic, and career-passionate person that entered that company many years ago.

  1. You’ve become anxious or apathetic to change.

A few years back when you chose your career, you love the challenge, you embrace the change, and beating the deadline is just a piece of cake. But after a few years, that boost of energy is gone. Your desire to contribute ideas is gone. When there are challenges or the need to change, either you become anxious instead of preparing for it, or you become apathetic and don’t care at all. You have no interest for advancements or promotions, but you just want to pass that day by, just like the days before.

  1. Your body is showing signs of constant burn out.

While it is normal to feel burn out at certain times, this should not be constantly present in our system. Otherwise, it will be our own body that would show us signs to stop, think, and shift. Your work-related stress is starting to infiltrate even your physical health. You felt that your present career condition has consumed your personality, and then it’s time to change.

These signs are felt by every employee every now and then. If you experienced these signs, stop; consider having a vacation or seeking some counseling. And if these symptoms persist, then it’s time to jump from the boat and consider changing your career.