4 Reasons to Renovate Your Home If It Was Built in the 70’s

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ExecutiveChronicles | 4 Reasons to Renovate Your Home If It Was Built in the 70’s | Most old homes are beautiful but they do require some work from time to time to make them better. If your home was built in the 70s you should consider some renovation work for four key reasons. They include:

Make the Home Safer

The most common safety risk with older homes is lead paint. If your home was built in the ’70s or before, you could be at risk of lead poisoning. Lead exposure has serious effects on human health and this is the key reason lead paint was banned for use in homes. Lead poisoning can lead to high blood pressure, abdominal pain, development delay, headaches, seizures and mood disorders to mention but a few. 

If you don’t know where to find lead in your home, consider the areas that are more prone to wear and tear. Examples include the door frames, windowsills, and frames, stairs and handrails. Since these areas get touched constantly, the risk of paint peeling off and getting ingested is high. Thus, if your home was built decades ago, get a professional to fix the issue for you. Don’t do any major job in your house before fixing the lead issue. If you aren’t sure whether your home has any lead, consider lead testing from an expert.

Roof renovations or repairs is another major issue facing older homes. Unless the roof has been properly maintained throughout its life, it’s likely going to need replacement after 50 years. Sydney roofers suggest contacting a professional that will be able to inform you of the condition of your roof and whether it needs a full replacement or just some repairs. They should also advise on modern roof solutions that could help save on utility bills for your home.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Between the 70s and now, a number of energy-efficient solutions have evolved. Examples of energy-saving solutions you can consider for your home improvement include cool roofs, energy-efficient appliances, and units, energy-efficient windows, solar with a storage battery and modern home insulation. Making your home energy efficient will reduce your monthly bills. It will also be a great step in conserving the environment. 

Get Comfort and Savings by Making Your Home Smart

Technology has changed not only the way we work and communicate but also how we live at home. With smart tech, you can control most elements in your home with a voice command or from your mobile device. Also, some smart tech allows you to program your appliances or units to ensure a particular task happens at a specific time even when you are not around. You can get a smart sprinkler, smart door openers, smart safety and security systems, smart thermostat and smart lighting to mention but a few. 

Boost the Sales Value

Some renovation work done professionally can boost the sales value of your home. While an older house may have some cool features, buyers are drawn to modern features too. Thus, consider renovations that will keep the cool old features and add a number of modern ones. 

For all your projects, ensure the work is done by a qualified person. Check the legal requirements in your state when hiring a contractor for a certain task. Hire a contractor who is qualified, experienced, has a good reputation, and meets all the legal requirements.