4 Qualities of a Good Plumber


Mary Rae Floresca | ExecutiveChronicles

When you’re having trouble with leaky faucet, clogged sink and other plumbing problems, the most recommended option is to hire a plumber. But among the numerous plumbers out there, whom should you choose? Next time you need a plumber, refer to these checklist of what makes a good plumber.

There are certain characteristics you should always look for to do a job for you. Better invest your money to an expert. Doing the job correctly in the first time, saves time, effort and of course money. Now don’t get confused from a sanitary engineer to master plumber. The sanitary engineer plans and designs on how to work on the plumbing while the plumber does the hands-on installation and maintenance of the plumbing system. Sanitary engineers mostly look for an experienced plumber. Roto-Rooter Philippines, for example has their own sanitary engineers that kinds their own plumbers.

An early riser plumber is a plus, or just simply, he should be punctual. It won’t matter how skilled a plumber is if he is always late.  Some companies or even restaurants only have an allotted time for repairing the plumbing system, and they have operating hours for the business. Being early can help the plumbers not to rush and gives them more time to focus on their project. There should be enough time to test the repair and time to redo it if still something goes wrong.

A good plumber is reliable and responsible. He should have his tools ready with him. Professional Roto-Rooter technicians have their own equipment and bio-augmentation products from USA. Expertise and materials should be complete. Remember, damages in the plumbing system is a big problem especially water is an important source for cleaning, washing and the like. Your plumber should be on-call for emergencies. Roto-Rooter is available 24/7.

Aside from being knowledgeable in the craft, a plumber should be able to relay to his clients in layman’s term if what kind of repairs he has done. He must be respectful as well. It should be a give and take relationship as well. We know that skill workers like plumbers are not under blue-collared jobs, but they should be respected as a person.

If you need a skilled and certified plumber, you may refer to Roto-Rooter. The biggest Plumbing and Drain Care Service Company from USA is now in the Philippines since 1997, providing plumbing, drain cleaning, and emergency services to hundreds of satisfied customers. It has highly trained personnel, better equipped as it comes to every customer providing plumbing services, including drain cleaning, commercial / industrial pipe cleaning, septic tank and grease trap cleaning.

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