4 Old Marketing Strategies that Still Work Today

Ana  Margarita Olar | Executivechronicles.com

Because of technology and our access to the World Wide Web, there are many new marketing strategies today. But there are businesses that thrive by using these old marketing methods:


Perhaps this is the oldest and still one of the best marketing strategies. How can you say no to a product endorsed by a friend, a relative, a colleague, or a trusted neighbor? When a product is effective, safe, and has value for money, the word will spread like fire.

You can’t stop a word of mouth strategy. It can make or break your business. If you have an excellent quality product or service, word of mouth can have a positive impact on your marketing. But if your product fails, word of mouth can bring your business down.



Clients are quick to ask: what’s this fuss is all about? And everyone will be interested in products which they could try for free. It is a great way of making an impression to your target market. It is a simple thing that can show how your business works, and what other great products you have to offer. You can use this to attract more clients to try your product.


When you can’t give away your products for free, you can offer a discount for a limited period of time. This way, you’ll earn the client’s interest in visiting your area. This marketing strategy taps the same things as the promotional gifts. You are offering something of value to customers.

It makes them feel appreciated and valued. you can give away coupons while using other marketing strategies. Like when an old customer use the word of mouth and comes back with a friend, they will receive special coupons.


According to studies, 82% of companies still use the mailing list as part of their marketing strategy. It provides a way to get in touch with your target market. It is an effective way of marketing because one, you talk  on a personal level to the customer.

Two, you create an impression because sending an email leaves a personal touch. Three, it reminds the customer that your business is fully operational and can give services or value products.

The use of modern marketing methods is needed to cope up with the fast pace of life we have right now. Customers are looking for something they can buy for as fast as they click on an icon.

To cope up with this, you have to integrate old and new marketing strategies to boost your business.