4 Leadership Tips in Today’s Generation

By: Ana Margarita Olar | Executivechronicles.com

In the years to some, companies and firms will be swarmed with millennial.

They have a different set of ideology and values. For the management, this needs a different twist on the leadership style and techniques. Leadership is a blend of innate characteristics and acquired values.

But what kind of leadership would work in this generation?



The old leadership dictates everyone what to do. It is much like a parent who has a list of do’s and don’ts. No ifs’ and no buts’ just follow what they say. But that wouldn’t work for this generation. If you want to keep your employee, make them feel at home.

Comfortable, yet ready for changes and has a sense of obligation. How do you do that? Be a modern parent. Provide opportunities where your employees can decide on their own. When problems come let them come up with a solution.

Help them get up when they stumble with failure. Don’t forget to appreciate a job well done.


The old leadership dictates that rules are rules and under no circumstances, it should be broken. Being different is breaking the rules. But this old leadership style will not work with today’s generation.

An organization needs to keep up with change. So each employee should always be ready with change. Yes, it is important that you have a clear set of goals to chase.

But as a leader, you should let your employees have their own set of action to arrive at a single goal.


Today’s generation don’t want to be stuck with just one area in the organization. As a leader, you should see through it. Make each employee realize about their future. Make them get out of their comfort zone.

As a leader, you need to have must have a set course to achieve a goal. You also have to teach this ability to the employees. Following a well-defined course of action will lead you to achieve success in the future.


Being pessimistic won’t work with today’s generation. Effective leadership should create a positive culture within an organization. Of course, one should be realistic when trouble is near at hand. But, don’t forget the magic that positive thinking brings.

In times of stress, failures, and mistakes, positive thinking is your best weapon. It turns stress to eustress. It turns failures and mistakes into meaningful lessons.

In this modern generation, an organization needs an effective leader. And for the leadership to be successful, it should be one that remains positive and unraveled despite the failures and changes that come along.