4 Important Steps to Beat Your Work Deadlines

Credit: Pixabay

MJ Gonzales │ExecutiveChronicles.com

Like an athlete’s drive in shooting a basketball, deadline is a rim to aim for certain amount of time to get high scores. Because of this challenge, work deadlines become the driving force for professionals and even procrastinators. On other side, there are goal-oriented persons who seem smoothly deliver their quality work on time. What do you think are the right formulas to become one of them?

  •  Be realistic and analyze the time frame versus the load.  If you have the power to negotiate about the time, go for it. Check when is the fastest, but safest time you can deliver your work. Most of the time, the roots of missing the deadline are miscalculation of your workflow duration or simply giving unrealistic promises.  Check first if you can beat your client’s demands. If no, don’t afraid to share your concerns so you can compromise before you start.
  • punctual Pixabay 2Dissect how you can do the job and prioritize tasks. Here are where calendar, pen, and paper become essentials. Lists the small and big tasks you have to accomplish with corresponding notes and dates.  Check your job assignment comprehensively so it’s easy to spot which needs more time and how you can finish each task.
  • Organize, but don’t overanalyze.  Your plan is just a guide so if you gather your thoughts, then you should start to work.  You’re not beating your deadline until you take actions. In fact, you may tweak or revise your plan along the way depending on the changes you’ll encounter.

Another note to consider here are ask for help and adapt other means for your work. Remember that in any project, there’s something on it that’s uniquely different so you also have to use specific method or tools.

  • Go for the goal, be there and seize the moment. Even if you’re few days or weeks ahead of the schedule don’t just slack or slow down yet. Sometimes, those who miss deadline are those who start early but slow movers. It’s is better to finish your assignment ahead of the schedule than rehashing at the last minute. You can use the extra time to double-check your finish products so you are sure they’re in good quality.