4 Important Small Business Shipping Tips

4 Important Small Business Shipping Tips Shipping Hazardous Goods: 3 Things You Need to Know save on shipping
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4 Important Small Business Shipping Tips | As of early 2020, there were about 1.3 million ecommerce businesses in the United States.

There’s no doubt this number has increased significantly because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As many businesses were forced to close down to help prevent the spread of the virus, a good number of brick-and-mortar businesses pivoted to ecommerce.

Whether you’re new to ecommerce or you’ve been at it for a while, you know how crucial shipping is. You need an elaborate shipping strategy for your online business to survive.

Read on for a couple of small business shipping tips that will help you improve your efficiency.

  1. Do Not Overpromise (and Underdeliver)

In an increasingly competitive ecommerce marketplace, it seems like the businesses that make the fastest deliveries have the edge over competitors. It’s true that consumers like same-day shipping and are even willing to pay for the service.

As such, it’s understandable if you want to offer your customers same-day and next-day shipping. However, it’s challenging to make this happen. Even a behemoth like Amazon struggles to meet its same-day shipping promise.

Don’t go promising your customer quick deliveries only for them to take several days. Underdelivering on your promise is a sure way to hurt customer experience. It’s best to be conservative with your shipping timeframes and overdeliver on them. That’s how you impress the customer.

  1. Package Properly

When you ship a product, you want it to get to the customer on time and in perfect shape.

A key way to ensure the product doesn’t arrive damaged is to package it properly. There are different types of packaging, and the one you choose will primarily depend on the nature of your product. However, the corrugated box remains one of the most popular packaging materials.

In addition to protecting the product from damage, packaging can help improve the customer’s experience. Nothing beats unboxing a well-packaged product!

  1. Price Your Shipping Fees Competitively

We all love free shipping.

As an ecommerce business owner, though, offering free shipping isn’t feasible. Your customers have to pay for shipping but you must price the shipping fees competitively. The key is to strike a balance between your costs and what most customers would be willing to pay.

If your shipping charges are higher than what’s standard in the market, prospective customers will prefer to shop from your competitors.

  1. Outsource Shipping to a Reliable Shipping Company

Like most small businesses, you don’t have the capacity to build your own shipping infrastructure. The solution is to outsource to a shipping services provider.

There are thousands of these companies and they aren’t created equal. It’s your job to find a shipping company that’s reliable and trustworthy.

Embrace These Small Business Shipping Tips

Shipping is central to the operations of your ecommerce business. It can take time to build your own shipping service but that doesn’t mean you can’t offer the best from day one. Use these small business shipping tips and watch your business grow.

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