4 Important Gadgets to Bring to Your Summer Outing

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Zander Kan, Executive Chronicles | Summer is well and truly underway, and chances are, you’re well and packed for your long-anticipated outing. However, are you sure you’ve brought everything you need with you? And by this we mean not just towels, snacks, and extra clothes, but other types of essentials, namely electronics and gadgetry that should not only make your trip much easier and more convenient, but also help keep you entertained during those long-haul rides and flights. If you’re still not sure what to take with you, then check out the small list we’ve assembled below to give you an idea of what awesome gadgets to bring along to your summer outing.

An action camera

While capturing specific moments of your trip on video is nothing new and practically a time-honored tradition, doing it with a regular camera—or even with your smartphone’s camera—can be underwhelming at times or even boring. Spice it up by recording all the action with a dedicated action camera that you can attach to a handheld stabilizer, a helmet, a snorkel device, or whatever you fancy.

By using an action camera, all your video footage will have a more dramatic and personal point of view, as having the camera attached to your body means that it’s capturing everything that you’re experiencing in the moment. This results in more immersive videos that can be so much better tnan a regular video. Best of all, these action cameras usually have waterproof or water-resistant cases, allowing them to capture footage underwater—perfect for snorkeling or cliff diving! Up the intensity of your vacation footage by buying an action camera in the Philippines today.

A wireless or Bluetooth speaker

No beach trip will ever be complete without some great tunes. Of course, while you can just bring a comfy sound cancelling headset to enjoy the beats all to yourself, you’re practically leaving your friends and vacation mates out of it. Bring a wireless speaker instead to really get into the summer mood, whether it’s a party out on the beach or just a relaxing chill session by the poolside.

When shopping for one, always make sure to test it out with your own phone or media player device before purchasing it, even if it’s described as “compatible for all phones or devices.” You can’t really be too sure, and you don’t want to end up with an incompatible speaker when it’s actually vacation time.  Also make sure that it has adequate battery life, as nothing is more awkward than having your tunes get cut short because of a woefully small battery. This also brings us neatly to the next awesome gadget on our list.

A power bank or external battery

There will always be times during a vacation when you’re running low on battery for your gadgets and you have nowhere to charge them from. If you’re not prepared, you may just end up missing all those wonderful moments that you should definitely have captured on camera, or at the very least told your friends about online. Prevent this by bringing along a power bank or an external battery. These convenient marvels of technology can store up to hours upon hours of charge, allowing you to keep the action going no matter where you are. Just make sure that the power pack you’re buying has a high charge capacity and to always charge it the day before your trip. You don’t want to set off with a dead battery, after all!

A portable power strip

No matter where you’re staying over—a friend’s house, a hotel resort, or even in the airport—there’s a good chance that you may find a very limited amount of outlets to charge your myriad of gadgets with. Things get especially more crowded when you’ve got friends and family with you. Bring along a power strip to avoid this particular situation, and have everyone’s devices charged at the same time. Just remember not to stack connections too much, as that could result in a fire risk.

When it comes to enjoying your summer outing as much as possible, it’s always important to bring along the essentials necessary to keep the good times going. By taking these gadgets along with you, you’ll prevent minor gadget-based problems from dragging things down, all while ensuring that you bring home more than just fond memories and sandy, wet clothing.